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​Port Audit Committee

On June 13, 2006, the Port Commission formally established the Audit Committee. The mission of the Audit Committee is to represent the commission and have review and oversight authority on matters relating to the port’s auditing process and procedures.
Currently serving on the Audit Committee is Commissioner John Creighton as Chair and Commissioner Tom Albro. The Audit Committee public member is Christina Gehrke, CPA, currently an operations and finance consultant, formerly the Chief Accounting and Administrative Officer of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle. The citizen representative participates to ensure public input into audit matters.
The Audit Committee meets as noticed on the Commission Meetings page to receive reports and presentations on Port of Seattle operations, identified through internal audit functions and other audits done by outside agencies and firms. It reviews recommendations to port departments and Internal Audit staff on areas requiring further work needed to improve accountability and reduce fiscal and other risk.


Audit Committee

Read the entire Audit Committee Charter as Adopted on December 11, 2012. (PDF)

minutes, Audio

Audit Committee

For all the Audit Committee meeting minutes and audio, view the Commission Meetings page here.