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2015 Resolutions


3712, as amended12/8/2015Resolution No. 3712, as amended
3713, as amended11/24/2015Resolution No. 3713, as amended
37118/4/2015Resolution No. 3711
37096/23/2015Resolution No. 3709
37045/12/2015Resolution No. 3704
37085/12/2015Resolution No. 3708
37064/28/2015Resolution No. 3706
37074/28/2015Resolution No. 3707
3705, as amended4/14/2015Resolution No. 3705, as amended
37033/10/2015Resolution No. 3703


Public Disclosure and Commission Records

  • The Port of Seattle operates under the State of Washington's Public Disclosure Act. To obtain public records, please direct specific requests in writing to: Records Program Manager or visit the Public Records web page.