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Commission Code of Ethics 

Resolution No. 3681, as amended

The Port of Seattle Commission adopted a revised Code of Ethics on May 14, 2013. This Code of Ethics is part of a comprehensive ethics program at the port. The Code is intended to provide guidance in the event of conflicts between a commissioner's personal or professional interests and the interests of the port. It is not to be interpreted as comprehensive in scope addressing every perceived conflict or issue; rather, it should be viewed as a framework which commissioners and the public can apply to particular circumstances.

It is assumed and expected that a commissioner will act in accordance with applicable law, and will strive to avoid any appearance of impropriety in the conduct of his/her office. Ultimately, ethics for port commissioners are a matter of personal honesty, common sense, and good judgment. Neither this, nor any other code, can be an adequate substitute for those attributes.

Commissioners are elected officials entrusted with public confidence, and ultimately questions involving a commissioner's behavior are a matter to be judged by the electorate. 

Code of Ethics

Ethics hotline

Learn about the port's Ethics and Compliance Hotline.