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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a wheelchair or electric cart?
To your gate: Mobility assistance for all travelers can be arranged directly with a traveler's airline. This service is free of charge. View the list of all of Sea-Tac's airlines and their phone numbers. 

Your airline customer service agent will be able to arrange for SkyCap service to meet you with a wheelchair or electric cart and escort you, your luggage, and your party to your gate. They can also arrange for SkyCap service when you arrive at your next destination.

To your airline ticket counter (from the Light Rail Station or the parking garage): Mobility assistance for all travelers between the airport's main terminal and the Sea-Tac Light Rail Station can be arranged directly with a traveler's airline, or Huntleigh, the Port of Seattle's contracted service provider. To arrange for wheelchair and luggage assistance, customers can inform their airlines of their special needs, or contact Huntleigh directly at (206) 396-5275. Both of these options are free of charge.
I need to buy a plane ticket, or I need flight information.
Airlines are responsible for ticketing, checking-in passengers, and handling luggage and other cargo. Each airline has different rules, regulations, and prices. Airlines at the airport can sell you tickets from their counter, but you do not need to come to the airport to buy your airline ticket. You can purchase tickets through and airline's website, a travel website or work with a travel agent. Online travel websites such as and sell electronic tickets for many airlines.

A travel agent will be able to search all of the airlines that travel between Seattle and your desired destination. A travel agent will be able to give you prices and sell you tickets to travel on almost any airline. Travel agents and travel agencies are available in your community - consult your phonebook. 
How can I meet an arriving friend or family member at their gate?
Many airlines will issue a "gate pass" to those who need to go past TSA security to meet friends or family. Gate passes are normally only issued in special circumstances; however, as each airline handles special requests differently, it is recommended that you contact the airline your traveler is flying with in order to get more specific information.

You can arrive at the airport early and request a gate pass from the airline counter, or call ahead to check for availability. View the list of all of the airlines that operate out of Sea-Tac.
Where is the airport’s Lost and Found?
If you lost your item in the airport or at a security checkpoint, it is likely that your item has been found and turned in to the airport's lost and found office. Please contact the Port of Seattle Lost and Found at 206-787-5312 (open Mondays - Fridays, 8am - 5pm). You can also fill out a lost property report online.

If you left your item on a plane, you will need to contact the airline you were traveling with. View the list of airlines to find contact information.
Tell me about going through Customs and Immigration at Sea-Tac.
It typically takes 30 - 60 minutes to clear US Passport Control, which is located in the South Satellite (S Gates) at Sea-Tac Airport. Once you have cleared passport control you will go downstairs and collect your baggage for customs inspection.

For your connection, you must re-check your bags as you exit the customs area (there will be airline agents present to assist you with this). Finally, you will then go through TSA screening, and continue on to your connecting flight.
I’m going on a cruise! What transportation options are available from the airport?
Seattle has two cruise ship terminals, and both are located in Downtown Seattle:

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal / Pier 91 2001 W. Garfield Street

Bell Street Pier / Pier 66 2225 Alaskan Way

It takes about 15-30 minutes to get to the cruise terminals from Sea-Tac Airport, depending on your desired mode of transportation. Your cruise liner may have bus service that you can prearrange to meet you at the airport - this is the most convenient option. If you will not be using your cruise liner's bus service, there are many options for ground transportation from the airport to the cruise terminals. View the list of transportation options. 

Bookmark the Port's cruise information site: It is updated every cruise season and will contain the most up-to-date information.
There is airplane noise around my home.
Your comments and concerns are very important to the Port of Seattle Noise Abatement department. Please contact the Noise Information Line directly at (206) 787-5393 or by email at, or submit your comments online

You might also wish to visit the airport noise website for more information (including flight pattern maps) at:
I lost my ID. Can I still travel?
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has formalized identification requirements for passing through security checkpoints at all US airports. Most airlines will adhere to the same identification requirements to check-in for a flight. VIsit the TSA website to see these identification requirements. 

Children under the age of 18, traveling within the US, do not need identification. Junior High School or Senior High School students may be asked to present their school ID card. If traveling outside of the US, children will need identification in the form of a passport.

If you require more information, the airline you are traveling with will be able to help you with your particular situation. Happy Travels!
I have a comment about TSA at Sea-Tac
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) operates and supervises the security checkpoints at Sea-Tac International Airport. Please use the online web form to send us your comments and concerns regarding your recent business with TSA at Sea-Tac.

You can now also contact the TSA Customer Service Manager at Sea-Tac Int'l Airport directly by phone at 206-214-1121 or by email at

Your airline may also be interested in hearing from you. View the list of phone numbers for all of the airlines that operate out of Sea-Tac.
Can I have my Washington State Sales Tax refunded?
Visitors to the State of Washington can purchase items tax free at the time of sale - inform the cashier that you are not a resident of the State of Washington, and he or she will help you fill out the appropriate paperwork to remove that sales tax from the item that you are purchasing. This is the most convenient way to avoid erroneously paying sales taxes during your visit to Washington State.

The Washington State Department of Revenue does not authorize Sea-Tac Airport to submit requests for refunds of sales taxes paid during your stay in Washington State. The State of Washington recommends that you request refunds of erroneously paid sales taxes directly from the business that you paid the sales tax to. For more information regarding refund of state sales taxes for consumers, please visit the Washington State Department of Revenue's website

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1) Need a wheelchair?:
Please contact your airline.
2) No photo ID?
Contact your airline or check TSA website
3) Checkpoint Access: Only ticketed passengers are allowed through security except in special circumstances. Contact your airline.
4) TSA Customer Service email or
(206) 214-1121.
5) For flight, luggage & pet info: Contact your airline  or check online flight status.
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