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Port of Seattle Fire Department Trains With Regional Helicopter Responders

Heli2.jpg(June 19, 2014) - Thursday, people saw a something rarely, if ever, seen at Sea-Tac International Airport. Four helicopters landed at Cargo 7. This training was a preliminary step to the newest addition to the Triennial Disaster Drill to take place on July 10, 2014. In anticipation of airlifting potential patients to trauma centers, two helicopters from the Washington Air National Guard, an Airlift NW helicopter, and another from Snohomish County Sherriff's Office flew onto the airfield to participate in training with the Port of Seattle firefighters. A classroom session including safety procedures and communications was followed by the hands-on inspection of the aircraft.

For Port of Seattle Fire Department Captain John Cole, it was a chance for his two professions to meet, because Captain Cole is also known as Chief Warrant Officer Cole with the Washington Air National Guard. He piloted the Blackhawk helicopter for this exercise.

Flying into Sea-Tac Airport is something rarely done for these air transport emergency crews. It proved to be a beneficial and educational experience for all of those involved. It took a great many people to orchestrate this exercise. Representatives from several Port groups, all of the helicopter agencies, and Air Operations Group Raven made this unique event possible.

Additionally, for the drill, there will be participants from the U.S. Coast Guard out of Astoria and Port Angeles, U.S. Navy from Whidbey Island, and the King County Sherriff’s Office.

Fire Department Announces Fire Fighter of the Year

It is with great pride that I get the opportunity to announce Beau Grubb as the 2013 Port of Seattle Firefighter of the Year.  This is a great honor as the candidates are nominated by and voted for by their peers.  I would also like to commend and recognize Jay Williams and John Cole for being recognized and nominated for this award. Great work to all of you and thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping make this a GREAT place to work.
Chief Randy Krause 
Beau Grubb has been a firefighter with the Port of Seattle Fire Department since March 2007. Here’s some of the comments made in Beau’s nomination for Firefighter of the Year.
“Firefighter Grubb strives to be the first to volunteer for a task, chore, or a special project when someone needs help. His attitude is that of someone who loves to come to work and while here truly enjoys his craft and strives to be the best day in and day out. He is also always looking his best both at the Station and out on calls.”
“He is also very eager to raise the bar while in his role as an Acting Captain (and Temporary Captain). While in this role, Beau is able to navigate back and forth between Firefighter and Captain seamlessly and continues to earn more and more respect from his peers.”

Scott Firefighter Stairclimb 2014

TowerClimb2014.gifAt 788 feet of vertical elevation, the Columbia Center (you may remember it as the Bank of America Tower) looms over downtown Seattle as the second tallest building west of the Mississippi. Getting to the observation deck takes 69 flights of stairs - that's 1,311 steps - to reach the beautiful view of the city.

However, hoards of firefighters did not swarm the tower's stairwell for the view. They were climbing for a cause. The Scott Firefighter Stairclimb supports the mission of the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising money through sponsorships, individual and department fundraising and entry fees.

This year Port of Seattle Firefighters answered the call with 14 entries. These men and women donned full bunker gear (including airtanks) and sprinted to the top. Thus far, they have raised over $7,475. Cheers to all of you who participated! We are so proud!

1. Adam Griffin (16:12)
2. David Jewett (16:28)
3. Joey Pierotti (17:10)
4. Troy Haigh (17:37)
5. Beau Grubb (18:21)
6. Charles Vona (19:18)
7. TJ Martin (20:00)
8. Tyler Kenworthy (20:21)
9. Drew Eicher (21:03)
10. Allen Martinez (22:02)
11. Mark Olmsead (22:06)
12. Aaron Egbert (22:49)
13. Victoria Conover (24:01)
14. Jeff Hendrickx (29:11) 

Visit the event website for more information. Photo credit: Jamie Formisano.