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About Our Fire Department

Located at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the fire department issues permits, performs inspections, and consults with construction and building professionals to assure proper fire safety precautions are met. We respond to calls for medical aid.
For the past five years the Port of Seattle Fire Department (POSFD) has held one of the most successful save rates for cardiac events in the nation. And of course, we fight fires. Many of the incidents involving fire or hazardous materials are quickly contained and not life threatening. However, were disaster to strike, the men and women of the Port of Seattle Fire Department are trained and ready to do what is necessary to preserve human life.

The Port of Seattle Fire Department started with less than 15 firefighters in 1955 and has since grown to the current crew of 72. As the airport and port owned properties have grown, so has the department.


Our administrative officers include the Fire Chief and two Assistant Fire Chiefs. The Chiefs, and their support staff members, manage the daily business functions, including; policy development, budget, regulatory compliance, safety and health, clerical support and departmental oversight.
The Operations Division (Fire Suppression) is comprised of personnel and apparatus designated to respond to the various emergencies and calls for service at Sea-Tac. The Division is separated into four shifts, each staffed by one Battalion Chief serving as the shift commander, two Captains, and 13 Firefighters. Apparatus consists of 3000-gallon ARFF trucks, fire engines, medical aid/rescue vehicles, a Hazardous Materials response unit, a medical support/disaster unit, a foam re-supply vehicle, and the command vehicle. The Port of Seattle Fire Department responds to approximately 3500-4000 alarms each year ranging from aircraft emergencies, medical responses, structure fires, and hazardous materials.
The Fire Prevention division of the POSFD helps to assure safety and fire regulations are met within the port airport properties. The division, comprised of the Fire Marshall, a Fire Prevention Captain, Inspectors, Plan Reviewers and an Alarm Specialist, work closely with contractors, architects and maintenance personnel. It is a busy office and vital component to the safe operation of the airport.
Training, Supply & Support
The Training Division, Firefighter Mechanic and Support Services complete the POSFD staffing. These specialized members assure that the department is properly equipped and trained.