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​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the Fire Department maintain a presence at all Port of Seattle locations?
A: No, the Port of Seattle Fire Department is located only at the airport. Seattle Fire Department responds to calls for the other properties.
Q: Where is the fire station located?
A: The fire station is located at 2400 South 170th Street, SeaTac, at the north end of the airport, on the corner of 170th and Air Cargo Road.
Q: After being treated by Port of Seattle Fire Department EMTs, how do I obtain a copy of my medical report?
A: Medical information can only be released to the patient and, with proper documentation, the legal representative of the patient. A Medical Disclosure form must be completed and returned with a photocopy of the patient’s driver’s license (or other legal photo ID) to the administrative office of the Port of Seattle Fire Department. A copy of the report will then be mailed to you. Click here for a copy of the Medical Disclosure form.
Q: Do the Fire Department offer CPR classes?
A: On occasion, classes are offered to Port of Seattle employees. However, this is not a regular occurring event. We do however, offer CPR classes in conjunction with classes on the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs). Currently, classes are not offered to the general public.
Q: Can I come in to have my blood pressure checked?
A: Yes. Our business office is staffed between 7:00 am and 4:30 pm. Feel free to come during those hours and an EMT will check your blood pressure. A card to record your blood pressure also can be provided.
Q: Do you have volunteers?
A: No, we do not.
Q: Do you allow “ride-along” observers?
A: Yes, please contact the on-duty Battalion Chief at 206-787-5045, during regular business hours, for availability. 
Q: I am on oxygen and will need oxygen during a lengthy layover. Do you provide oxygen at the airport?
A: Since oxygen is a prescription medication, we are only allowed to give it in emergencies and only as part of our treatment of a patient.  The airlines can and do provide medical oxygen for their customers during travel.  Passengers should contact their airline ask for help or arrange for delivery of oxygen through a medical supply company. 
Q: Do you inspect fire extinguishers?
A: We inspect and maintain fire extinguishers that are port property. If you are a tenant of the airport and have fire extinguishers needing to be maintained, there are a number of companies in the area that can provide this service. They are listed in local directories under fire extinguishers.

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