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​​Port of Seattle Police After Action Report

On January 28, 2017 several thousand people demonstrated at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in response to an immigration executive order signed by President Donald J. Trump. Officers from the Port of Seattle Police Department and many local jurisdictions worked together to maintain public safety from approximately 5:00 p.m. until the last protesters left the airport close to 2:00 a.m. on January 29. 

Since that spontaneous protest, the Port of Seattle Police Department has publicly briefed the Port of Seattle Commission (Feb. 14) on procedures and actions taken that evening and the Commission has heard public testimony. 

Taking public feedback into account, the Port of Seattle Police Department prepared a detailed After Action Report to review where police procedures worked well and where procedures can be improved to maintain safety.  The report also specifically details each use of force incident. We appreciate the input of the public and the support of our local police departments in maintaining a safe environment at Sea-Tac Airport. Questions regarding the report can be sent to