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​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
A: You may request a copy of a report by:
Phone: (206) 787-4631
FAX: (206) 787-6216 .

Written Request:
Port of Seattle Police Department
Attention: Records Unit
P.O. Box 68727
Seattle, WA 98168
The Port of Seattle Police Department Records Unit is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

There is no charge for requests for records 25 pages or less in length. Records requests for more than 25 pages will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and the requestor may be referred to the Port of Seattle's corporate office for distribution and billing.
Q: I am late in picking up a passenger and would like to get a message to the person. Does the Port of Seattle Police Department offer this service?
A: No. All airport paging is done through the airlines.
Q: I have lost or misplaced a personal item. Who do I contact?
A: If the item was misplaced in the airport terminal, parking garage or drive areas, you can file a report online with the port's Lost and Found Office. For items lost or left on an airplane, please contact your airline.
Q: How do I retrieve property that was placed into the care and custody of the Port of Seattle Police Department?
A: If your property was taken into custody or safekeeping by the Port Police, you may retrieve it by making an appointment with our Evidence and Property room detective by calling (206) 787-4685. If it is after business hours you may leave a message and someone will return your call.
Q: I received a Notice of Infraction from a Port of Seattle police officer. What do I do if I want to contest it?
A: Refer back to the Notice of Infraction for information. You have three options. Simply choose which option you would like to follow, check the box and send the notice to the designated court. Once the infraction has been issued, the Police Department has no further control.
Q: While visiting Sea-Tac Airport, my vehicle was impounded. Where do I go to claim my vehicle?
A: Your vehicle was most likely towed to Airport Towing, located at 817 S.W. 149th St., Seattle, WA 98166, (206) 243-6252. Thanks to a computer database, any police agency in the U.S. can provide you with the location of your vehicle if it has been impounded by police.
Q: A police officer arrested someone I know. How do I find them? 
A: Persons arrested by the Port of Seattle Police may be booked into the King County Jail or Regional Justice Center in Kent; (206) 296-1234 is the number for King county general booking. Some municipalities have their own jails and the arrestee could have been transported there and booked.
Q: How do I share a comment on the service I received from your department?
A: The best way to share a comment is on our online form. You may also at call us (206) 787-3490 or write to us at: Port of Seattle Police Department, PO BOX 68727, Seattle, WA 98168.
Q: How do I find the latest air travel information on packing restrictions, airport parking or other travel news?
A: Travel updates are posted on the Sea-Tac Airport section of this Web site. You may also want to contact your airline with questions.
Q: Where do I find more information about a career as a police officer, firefighter, or 9-1-1 dispatcher?
A: Visit the Job section of this site.
Q: Who is the Chief of Police?
A: Colleen E. Wilson. Read her bio.  
Q: How do I get to the Port of Seattle Police Department Offices at Sea-Tac Airport?
A: The Police Department offices are located on the third floor of the Main Terminal building at Sea-Tac Airport. The entrance is located in the esplanade behind the Southwest Airlines ticket counter. Enter through the frosted glass doors just to the right of the exit from Concourse B and the Airport Information kiosk and take the elevator to the third floor. See the Main Terminal map.

Our reception area is accessible 24/7. Business hours are 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday. After hours, police personnel can be reached by picking up the reception area phone. Washington Traffic Collision Report Forms and brochures on crime prevention and traffic and boating safety are available in the reception area.
Q: What outside Agency assistance is available at Sea-Tac Airport?
A: Our assistance is frequently requested by outside law enforcement agencies with police activities occurring at the Sea-Tac Airport (sterile and non-sterile areas). If you need assistance with escorting prisoners, VIPs or dignitaries; extradition; other police investigations; or any other situations requiring Port Police assistance, please call (206) 787-5401 (non-emergency number) and ask for the on-duty sergeant.

Flying Armed on Commercial Flights

If you must fly armed on official police business on a commercial flight, you are required to complete the TSA's “Flying Armed” PowerPoint and comply with TSA regulations. More information is posted on the TSA's Web site.