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Bomb Disposal Unit 

​Established in the early 1970s, the Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) protects port customers, employees and property at Sea-Tac Airport and Port of Seattle seaport, and also serves as a regional asset by assisting surrounding Puget Sound communities.

The Bomb Disposal Unit is comprised of six members and is one of approximately 450 accredited bomb squads in the country. The bomb technicians work on daily basis as regular patrol officers and serve the unit as a collateral assignment to their patrol duties. When deployed to a potential bomb threat, their first task is to safely evacuate the area and then inspect and, if necessary, render safe the suspicious device.

Team members are certified hazardous devices technicians, trained by military personnel and civilian instructors at the FBI Hazardous Devices School. Each member is required to maintain their certification by attending a recertification course every three years. The unit maintains their proficiency and expertise by participating in a minimum of 25 hours of training per month in addition to real world deployments. 

The highly-trained technicians of the Bomb Disposal Unit have an arsenal of specialized equipment to assist them and keep them at a safe distance from the potential threat. The hazardous duty robot is part of the team; equipped with cameras, sensors and extending arms, this robot can render a device safe while keeping police officers out of harm's way.

Hazardous duty robot       


bdu crest headline

The Wreath stands for the achievements and laurels gained through dedication and ingenuity. It also represents those who have died while serving their community.

The Bomb, copied from the design of WWII Disposal Units, represents the historical and major objective of the BDU mission, an unexploded bomb. The three fins stand for the conventional, nuclear and chemical/biological threats.

The Lightening Bolts stand for the destructive power of the bomb and the courage of the technician.

The Shield stands for the mission - protect the people and surrounding area to the utmost. .