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Airport Statistics

2015 Airport Activity Highlights

  • Total Air Passengers: 42,340,537
  • Total Aircraft Operations: 381,408
  • Total Air Cargo (metric tons): ​332,636 

Air Passengers

  • Passenger levels increased 12.9 percent from 2014
  • 13th busiest in U.S. (2014 rank)

Aircraft Operations

  • Aircraft operations increased 12 percent from 2014
  • Air carrier, 96% of total operations
  • Air taxi, 3% of total operations
  • 22nd busiest U.S. commercial service airport (2013 rank)

Air Cargo

  • Air cargo increased 1.7 percent from 2014
  • 19th busiest airport in U.S. by cargo volume (2013 rank)

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