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Flight Safety Corridor

Nov. 1, 2016 Public Meeting Materials

To help ensure safe aircraft takeoffs and landings and comply with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, the Port of Seattle must remove and replant trees around Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. If not removed, these trees either are or soon will grow tall enough to encroach upon the airport’s airspace, and pose a risk to aircraft, the traveling public and surrounding neighborhoods.

The images and materials on this page were provided to Sea-Tac Airport's surrounding community members on Nov. 1, 2016. The images below were selected from the complete set of materials available as pdfs to the right. >>> 

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FAA surfaces and obstructions mapFAA surfaces and obstructions map

North obstructions
Obstructions to the north of Sea-Tac
South obstructions
Obstructions to the south of Sea-Tac Airport

Removal reforestation objectives
Removal and reforestation objectives


Example site revegetationExample site revegetation

Restoring native forest and shrubsRestoring native forest and shrubs



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