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Air Cargo Rates and Tariffs

Rates and tariffs at Sea-Tac Airport are based on a two-tiered system of signatory and non-signatory airlines.

Key Definitions Applicable to Sea-Tac's Fee Structure

Signatory Airline
Any air carrier that has entered into a signatory lease and operating agreement ("Signatory Agreement") with the Port of Seattle.
Non-Signatory Airline
Any air carrier that is not a signatory airline or an affiliate airline and has entered into an operating permit.
Maximum Gross Landing Weight (MGLW)
The maximum gross weight that an aircraft may lawfully have at the time of landing at any U.S. airport.
Technical Stop
When an aircraft is only uplifting fuel and/or exchanging flight crew personnel and has less than two hours of ground time.

Fees (effective January 1, 2015)

Operational Fees

Fee Type Signatory Airline Non-Signatory Airline
Landing Fee $3.48 per 1,000 lbs MGLW $4.40 per 1,000lbs MGLW
Ramp Tower Fee $8.63 per landing $10.79 per landing

Parking Fees

Aircraft Size
(wing span in meters)
First 12 Hours
Each Additional 12 Hours
Aircraft Model Category
0 m – 20.00 m $15.00 $6.00 Light aircraft (general aviation)
43.01 m – Over See Remain Over Night Fee Wide body

Cargo Use Fees

​Aircraft Size
(wing span in meters)

4 Hours​
Each Additional 12 Hours​​
Aircraft Model Category
​20.01m – 43.00 m ​$100.00 ​See Remain Over Night Fee ​Narrow body
​20.01m – 43.00 m ​$175.00 ​See Remain Over Night Fee ​Wide body


Remain Over Night Fees (RON)
$200.00 per each of first two 12-hour periods
$500.00 per each additional 12-hour period

Remain Over Night Charges will accrue following expiration of the use period granted for aircraft gate use as applicable, as defined in Per-Turn Fee on Common Gates (Schedule of Airline Rates and Charges).  Aircraft will be charged $200.00 for each of the first two 12-hour periods, and $500.00 for each additional 12-hour period, or portion thereof, for parking of passenger aircraft at Common Use gates and hardstands.

Fees for Technical Stops: Parking fees are waved and a Technical Stop Parking Fee of $100.00 is applied for all operations of less than two hours.

All current Sea-Tac rates and tariffs 

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Tariff No. 1 - Revised 12/31/14