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Fishermen's Terminal News​

Fishermen's Terminal Newsletter

Long-Term Strategic Plan

The Port of Seattle is launching the Fishermen’s Terminal Long-Term Strategic Plan for the uplands portion of Fishermen’s Terminal. Read more on the Long-Term Strategic Plan webpage.

Project Updates

Net Shed Roof Replacement

The Net Sheds 3, 4, 5 & 6 Roof Replacement Project (including the solar demonstration on Net Shed #5) construction contract is out to bid with construction activities beginning around June and work would be completed by the fall of 2017.

Nickerson Paving Project Update

The Seattle Department of Transportation is repairing and repaving Nickerson Street to make it safer and more comfortable to travel on and extend its useful life. For project information and updates visit the Nickerson Paving Project webpage.

Auctions at Terminal 91 serve specialty seafood buyers

Fish Roe Auction at Terminal 91The Port of Seattle’s Terminal 91 is best known for the moorage and services it provides fishing and commercial vessels, catcher processors, mother ships and Alaska shore side processors. What is less known is how this terminal serves the market for a particular seafood delicacy.

According to Kelli Goodwin, maritime operations manager, for the Port of Seattle, sellers conduct auctions at Terminal 91 during spring and fall, where buyers from Japan and Korea bid on Pollock eggs (or roe), a high-end item in Japanese and South Korean cuisine. This product is reprocessed to be either spicy or salty and is cooked as part of a dish or used as a garnish.

Fish roe auction at Terminal 91The Port of Seattle's Terminal 91 auctions are the largest Pollock roe wholesale auctions in the world. They typically take place in the spring and fall. About 25,000 metric tons are sold annually in Seattle, mostly at Terminal 91.

Most of the Pollock is caught in the Bering Sea off Alaska, and the relatively inexpensive meat is sold as imitation crab and frozen white fish fillets. “The roe makes up less than five percent of the fish weight, but earns about one-third of the total catch value, which means the sales are in the millions of dollars each year,” explained Merle Knapp of Glacier Co., a tenant at Terminal 91.

At the auctions, buyers only see a fraction of the amount of roe available, and must bid on their first impressions. Roe maturity along with grading accuracy, consistency and color are the key indicators for buyers. Certain colors of roe are more desirable and most expensive because it represents peak maturity and freshness, and often needs the least reprocessing.

Terminal 91 tenants, in addition to Glacier, that participate in the auctions include American Seafoods, Arctic Storm, Coastal Villages, Icicle Seafoods, Ocean Peace, Phoenix Processor and Trident Seafoods.ccc

Want to find out more about this specialty market?  Visit the website for Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers, a trade organization that represents the entire Alaska Pollock industry.

Other news

Free Bait from NSF

Fishermen's Terminal tenant NSF is offering free bait to fishermen on an ongoing basis. View the flier here.

Office & Other Space Available

We have space available! For more information please contact Rebecca Schwan (206) 787-3713 or
  • 1,181 sq. ft. of first floor office space with water views in the West Wall Building.

  • Approx. 20k sq. ft. of warehouse space (includes approx. 2k sq. ft. of office space located on the top floor) of the A-1 Building at the Maritime Industrial Center on West Commodore Way. View of the ship canal. Freight elevator loading.
  • 3,637 sq. ft. of second floor office space located in the Fishermen’s Center Building. Water views. Available summer of 2017.

Need Meeting Space?

The Nordby Conference Center is available for meeting rentals and accommodates up to 22 people. View the conference center flier for complete details and to reserve the space.


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