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Payment Information for Monthly Parking

Employee parking fees are collected monthly, in advance of the current calendar month. Effective January 1, 2016, monthly employee parking is $76 per month.

Many convenient payment options are available to pay your monthly parking fees. 
Employees also may pre-pay their monthly parking fees through the end of the current calendar year.

Payment Options

Make your payment using our secure online ePayments option. Set up a user ID and password to start making payments. ePayments accepts Visa, MasterCard or American Express or you can request a one-time debit to your bank account. Please note that we currently are unable to setup your account for automatic recurring payments.
Make sure your name and address are current on your check. To help speed up the process, include a note to let us know which month(s) you wish to purchase. (If you are purchasing for someone whose name does not occur on the check, please include their full name on the "for" or "memo" space on your check.) Please send your payment to: Port of Seattle Employee Parking Office, Parking Toll Plaza, P.O. Box 68727 Seattle, WA 98168. See also FAQs below.
Payment drop boxes are located at each bus stop in the tunnel and outside of the ID/Access Office on the Mezzanine level in the Main Terminal. Only checks or money orders are accepted in the payment boxes. Payment envelopes, found at each box location, should be filled out completely and the receipt kept for your records. Make sure your name and address are current on your check. See also FAQs below.

Parking Cards

Parking Card Activation

Payments by mail require two (2) business days to process for activation of your parking card. Remember to allow sufficient time for mailing us your check. ePayments or payments received via the automated phone service require no activation time. See also FAQs below.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Parking Cards

Lost, stolen or damaged parking cards must be reported in person to the Employee Parking Office immediately. There is a $15 nonrefundable replacement fee for all lost, stolen or damaged cards (you must bring the damaged card in with you at the time of replacement). The replacement fee is subject to tariff change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: What if I accidentally write the check for more than the monthly fee of $76?
A: Unfortunately we cannot accept checks for the incorrect amount, nor do we mail change, keep a credit for parking, or pro-rate parking fees. If your check is for an incorrect amount, it will be returned.
Q: Can I pay cash?
A: Yes, but only if you appear in person at the Employee Parking Office's Customer Service window. FOR YOUR SAFETY - PLEASE DO NOT PUT CASH IN THE PAYMENT BOXES OR SEND CASH IN THE MAIL.
Q: When is my payment due?
A: Payment for the current month must be received by the 5th of that month. (For example, to purchase parking for the month of May, we need to receive your payment by May 5th.)
Q: What if I forget to pay, or my payment is late?
A: If payment is late or not received, your parking will be deactivated until payment is received. Access to the Employee Parking Lot will be denied and you will be instructed to go to the Employee Parking Office for reactivation. After three (3) months of not making a payment, your account will be blocked and you will need to present your employee identification at the Employee Parking Office and make a payment in person in order to reactivate it. After six (6) months of no payment, your account will be canceled automatically.
Q: I lost my parking card. Can I pay for it the same way I pay for the monthly fee (by ePayments or mail)?
A: No. The lost, stolen or damaged fee of $15 cannot be paid by epayment or sent by mail. It is due upon replacement and cannot be billed or waived. A replacement card must be requested in person with proper identification at the Employee Parking Office's Customer Service window. Once there, you can pay the fee by cash, check, or credit card. If you have a damaged card, you need to bring it with you at the time of replacement. See "Lost, Stolen or Damaged Parking Cards" above.

Inactive Accounts

Inactive accounts and special needs require a visit to our office to process your request.
For more information, contact the Employee Parking Office via email, or by calling (206) 787-5320.