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Commitment to Air Quality and Energy Efficiency

The Port of Seattle's air quality program is part of an aggressive and systematic effort to make our facilities as efficient as possible. The port is committed to proactively working with regulatory agencies and community groups to reduce emissions from Sea-Tac Airport and Seaport operations. To reach or annual and long-term goals, the port is voluntarily implementing new and cleaner technologies years before regulatory mandates. Sustainable and responsible business practices are integral to the port's strategic business objectives. 

Sea-Tac Airport Programs Seaport Programs Energy Efficiency Projects

learn about the green gateway supply chain

An in-depth look at the research and findings that demonstrates the Port of Seattle to be the most efficient location for  imports from and exports to asia. more info.


Seattle offers the lowest carbon footprint for cargo shipped by sea from Asia to major markets in the Midwest and East Coast. That’s what makes us the Green Gateway for trade. This was determined by the "Carbon Footprint Study of the Asia to North America Intermodal Trade," (349 KB PDF) conducted by Herbert Engineering Corp., which looks at CO2e emissions of intermodal shipments from Asia to North American markets.

Airport Renews Carbon Certification

Sea-Tac recently became the first airport in North America to successfully renew its annual carbon certification by Airport Council International’s Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) Program.
In total there are four levels of ACA certification. Sea-Tac achieved Level 2, and anticipates reaching Level 3 in the future.
Programs that will help Sea-Tac achieve the third level include electric charging stations for ground service equipment, a pre-heated and cooled air service for parked aircraft, off-aircraft recycling, compressed natural gas buses and energy efficient taxis, and charging stations for electric vehicles parking in the airport garage. Read further details.