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​Fly Quiet Awards

​The Port of Seattle recognized three airlines with its annual Fly Quiet Awards. The awards honor airlines for their efforts in noise reduction and abatement programs at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for the year 2017.

Congratulations to....

Fly Quiet 2016Fly Quiet Bravo Award – Southwest Airlines

Awarded to the quietest airline among the top five carriers at Sea-Tac.

Southwest operates a modern fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft. This is their 2nd consecutive Fly Quiet Award. Southwest maintains a busy daily schedule while operating with noise levels consistently lower than competing airlines and doing a remarkable job at flying the noise abatement procedures correctly.

Fly Quiet Award – Spirit

Awarded to the quietest airline with at least 1,000 annual jet operations at

Spirit began operating at Sea-Tac in 2015 and this is their 1st Fly Quiet Award. Spirit operates the newest versions of the A320 and A321 aircraft.
Spirit was recognized due to their combination of quiet operations and strong adherence to flight procedures and abatement measures.

Fly Quiet Regional Airline Award – SkyWest Airlines

Awarded to the quietest regional airline with at least 360 annual jet operations at Sea-Tac.

SkyWest Airlines operates on behalf of Delta, United and Alaska Airlines, and operates a fleet of Embraer and Canadair regional jets. This is the 7th Fly Quiet Award given to SkyWest since the awards were established in 2005.

SkyWest Airline’s successful performance is due in part to operating a fleet of quiet and modern regional jets that adhere to strict noise abatement efforts and flight procedures at Sea-Tac.Additional Information on Fly Quiet Awards.

About the Fly Quiet Awards

The Fly Quiet Awards were established in 2005 by port staff and a citizen advisory committee to recognize airlines working to reduce the impacts of jet noise in the community.

The Fly Quiet Award criterion consists of three categories:

  • Percentage of compliance with Sea-Tac’s Noise Abatement flight procedures/flight paths
  • Overall noise levels of the airline’s operations (utilizing four of the Port’s 24 permanent noise monitors)
  • Compliance with Sea-Tac’s engine maintenance/testing procedures and run-up restrictions