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Sound Insulation​

Sound insulation packages offered by the port are designed to reduce aircraft noise that people hear in their homes and in the classroom.  About 10,000 single-family homes were eligible for insulation when the program began in 1985.  Today, approximately 96% of the eligible homes have been completed.  Based upon insulation questionnaires received from homeowners, 96% of homes insulated through the port experienced noticeable differences in interior noise levels. The Port of Seattle also has committed to assist with sound insulation and related improvements at Highline Community College and at the Highline School District.  

Sound Insulation:

  • More than 9,400 single family homes completed– first begun in 1985, this program is nearing its conclusion.
  • Six condominium complexes completed, for a total of 236 units.
  • Highline School District – 7 of 15 schools identified to receive funds are complete
  • Highline Community College – 14 college buildings are complete
  • Additionally – insulated three private schools, two churches and one convalescent center

Property Acquisition & Relocation:

  • Acquired 1,400 single-family home parcels and relocated the residents, including 388 for third runway construction
  • Acquired and relocated the residents at five mobile home parks with an approximate total of 359 units