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​911 Dispatcher - Communications Specialist

Application Process

Complete an Online Job Application.

Your application and resume must provide clear and detailed information on your relevant education, training and work experience, and employment history. A resume is required for this application process. An incomplete or partially completed application may be rejected.

Candidates must also pass an extensive background check, medical and polygraph examination.

Selection Process

CritiCall Testing
Your application will be screened to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications. If selected from the initial screening process, we will contact you to schedule CritiCall Testing (job-specific computerized testing). 
Oral Board Interview
After completing and passing job-specific computerized testing, you will be invited to interview before a selection panel. 
Civil Service Eligibility List
Based on the combined scores of the CritiCall test and the oral board (CritiCall is weighted at 25 percent and the oral board is weighted at 75 percent of the final score for entry-level candidates only), qualified candidates will be merged onto the existing entry-level or lateral eligibility list. The list determines the order in which background investigations are conducted.

All Port of Seattle Civil Service positions have a graded examination process that applicants must successfully complete with a passing score. Successful applicants will be placed on the ranked eligibility list in order, based on their individual score.



Criticall Testing

Training information for 911 dispatcher applicants.more