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Waterfront Construction & Getting Around

You may have heard the Elliott Bay Seawall is being replaced. Have no fear: the downtown Seattle waterfront and Bell Harbor Marina are open for business!

Currently, the main seawall construction area is near the Washington State Ferries terminal. You can still walk north and south from the marina to all the same, popular downtown attractions. South of the marina approximately from the Seattle Aquarium to the Washington State Ferries terminal, the main roadway for vehicle traffic has been rerouted from Alaskan Way to underneath the viaduct. The adjacent stretch of Alaskan Way in front of the central waterfront businesses has been converted into a frontage/access road with lots of public on-street parking and turns into the ferry queue toward the south end. You can still walk on Alaskan Way from the marina all the way south to the ferry terminal/Yesler Way.

The main tunnel construction site is south of the ferry terminal. Clear walking pathways were created, so you can walk all the way to the stadiums (or beyond) without wondering were to go. In fact, if you head down for a game when a ferry has just arrived, you'll likely be walking to the game with a herd of other fans!

Some southerly Alaskan Way businesses will close fall 2014 through spring 2015 when the construction is scheduled to pick-up, but several are staying open and the construction has minimal impact on other nearby areas such as Belltown, Pike Place Market, and Pioneer Square - to say nothing of the parts of downtown that are further east.

To view a map of the construction area and to read detailed construction updates, visit the Waterfront Seattle website. For more information about getting around, visit the Bell Harbor Marina Eat-Shop-Play page.

Welcome to Alki Kayak Tours

Bell Harbor Marina is excited to welcome Alki Kayak Tours to downtown Seattle! From May 31 through mid-September, 2014, Alki Kayak Tours will be offering kayak tours and bike rentals from the marina. Guest moorage customers will receive 15% off. For more information visit the Alki Kayak Tours website or call 206-953-0237.

Clean Boat Tips

Washington State Department of Ecology regulations stipulate that your work involving 25% or more per year of boat’s deck and superstructure, and any hull refinishing requires a haul out in a permitted yard. There are many small projects that can safely be done slip side with precautions to preserve clean air, water and aquatic life. You can sand, paint and vanish in slip as long as work does not exceed the 25% rule. You are still responsible to prevent any discharge to the water and to keep the work area clean to present material from entering the water.