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Information for Moorage Customers


Email Updates

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Shilshole Bay Marina Map

Sign-up for Marina Updates Via Text

Get important marina updates straight to your phone! Shilshole Bay Marina is excited to announce urgent marina updates, events, and important news via SMS text. Text "water" to 206-258-6988 to sign-up. Text "stop" at any time to stop receiving updates. Contact the marina office at 206-787-3006 when needed.

Updated Sublease Policy Starting in 2018

We have made some changes to the sublease policy, which are highlighted in this sublease letter. Additional details can be found within the newly updated Shilshole Bay Marina Moorage Tariff #6, available on the website by January 1, 2018.

We are no longer posting the list of current customers who wish to sublease their slip on the marina bulletin board. Instead, interested sublessees will be directed to the marina office. Once we have obtained the required documentation from the potential sublessee, as listed in the sublease letter, for subleases of seven days or longer, we will provide the sublessee the list of moorage customers interested in subleasing their slips. We hope you will appreciate this improvement so that only customers who meet marina moorage requirements will be able to contact you directly.

Updated Parking Policy for Shilshole Bay Marina

View the Parking Policy (PDF) for Shilshole Bay Marina.

Best Management Practices are now Required

In order to avoid some of the confusion associated with Best Management Practices, we are changing the title of this policy to Required Management Practices. The previous title, Best Management Practices, inadvertently implies there is a choice as to whether or not one needs to adhere to the rules stated in the policy. We hope this will end any misconceptions about adhering to the parameters set forth in this document. You will be able to find this document under Required Management Practices or RMPs (PDF).

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Help the Marine Environment

View our new Top 10 Things You Can Do to Help the Marine Environment flier so you can help us in maintaining a healthy community on land and in the Sound!

No Longer Able to Accept Flares for Disposal

We are no longer able to accept Marine Flares for disposal from our customers. The nearest location for disposal is the North Seattle Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. Click here to view the flier (PDF) for disposal information.

Safe Fueling Practices

We would like to remind everyone of the importance of using safe fuel practices. Serious accidents can occur when fueling. Never fuel at night unless it is an emergency. If you must refuel after dark, use only electric lights. To protect the water environment, try to refuel away from the water or on a commercial fueling ramp. Follow these procedures in order to fuel safely and responsibly.

Emergency Preparedness

For information on emergency preparedness at Shilshole Bay Marina visit the Shilshole Prepares website

Compost Program

Shilshole offers food waste recycling for marina customers. View the flier (PDF).

Green Cleaning Tips

Check out these green cleaning best management practices for boat cleaning in the marina (PDF).

Hoist Safety and Environmental Best Practices

Hoist safety and environment best management practices have been updated to improve the education and protection of boaters operating hoists in the marina. Download them here (PDF).

C.A.R.E. Promise

We have a promise called C.A.R.E.—Courtesy, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Excellence and want to reiterate what it means and how you can hold us accountable to it. Read the Promise here (PDF).


Want to reduce paper, save time, avoid identify theft and save postage? Then paying bills electronically is the way to go. Think of it as “paying it green”. Since April 2010, the Marina Office does not accept payments by check. Checks may be mailed to the Port of Seattle. Cash payments are still accepted in the marina office. Get complete information and FAQ’s here (PDF).

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