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​Salmon Bay Marina

Salmon Bay Marina's location on the Washington Ship Canal next to Fishermen's Terminal

December 6, 2017

The Port of Seattle Commission voted to purchase Salmon Bay Marina, located on the Ship Canal adjacent to the Port’s Fishermen’s Terminal facility. The five acre property contains five docks supporting 166 slips measuring 6,547 lineal feet of moorage on freshwater. The purchase price was $15,679,120.
“The purchase of Salmon Bay Marina is a step toward fulfilling our Century Agenda goal to double the number of jobs in our region associated with fishing and maritime and is financially smart for the Port,” said Commission President Tom Albro. “It also protects urban industrial and maritime land, which is also environmentally wise.”


Read the press relase for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Updated March 6, 2018

  • Why is the Port of Seattle buying more marinas?

    The Port of Seattle is purchasing this property primarily to protect Maritime Industrial Land and to support the redevelopment of Fishermen’s Terminal. The property also includes a marina.

  • When does the Port take ownership of the property?

    The seller has the option to notify the Port of its intent to close anytime between 45 and 180 days.

  • Will this affect my current moorage rate?

    Like other marinas throughout the Puget Sound, the Port reviews moorage rates on an annual basis. This is done through a moorage rate study, where multiple similar type-marinas are interviewed about their current rates.

    These rates are compared to the Port’s current marina rates while also considering the current demand for slips, the length of the waitlist and the overall health of the marina’s finances. Per Commission Resolution, the Port is directed to operate our marinas as a business and charge market rates.

    In a strong economy it is likely that rates will continue to increase on an annual basis. Prior to taking possession of the marina, a new rate study will be conducted to review covered moorage rates. Rates will be adjusted to reflect the market as well as to standardize fees by slip size.

  • Will I now have to pay leasehold tax at 12.84% a month? (The leasehold tax is a public marina tax that private marinas don’t pay, so this will be a new tax for current Salmon Bay Marina customers.)

    Yes.The State of Washington requires that the Port collect leasehold tax from those leasing public property such as a moorage slip at a public marina.

  • Will there be free parking?

    We do not anticipate a change in the current parking policy at this time.

  • Will there be guest moorage at the marina?

    We will not be accommodating guest moorage at Salmon Bay Marina. This policy may be updated in the future, but it is currently not in the plan.

  • Who will manage the property and marina?

    The Port has a Recreational Boating Department that manages multiple marinas for the Port. This group would oversee marina operations.

  • What benefits will I get for being a Port marina customer?

    If there is a maintenance issue, our professional craftspeople in Marine Maintenance will be able to respond in a timely manner. There is the ability to pay your moorage fees online. As a Port of Seattle moorage customer, you are eligible to get discounted rates at our other Port marinas. You will have access to the Recreational Boating staff. Communications will be sent out via multiple methods, such as: newsletter, website, Facebook, dock postings, e-mails and text.

  • Will I have to sign any new moorage agreements or annual lease?

    Yes. A new month to month moorage agreement will need to be signed by each slip holder.

  • What is the paperwork requirement? (Insurance requirements, boat registration, beat management practices)

    All slip holders will be required to present the following: proof of Insurance in the amount of $300,000 (per RCW 53.08.480, coverage shall include general, legal and pollution coverage), current Washington State Vessel Registration, signed Port Moorage Agreement, signed Port Best Management Practices policy. Existing liveaboards will also have to fill out the Authorization to Liveaboard document.


  • Can I sublease my slip?

    Subleases are not allowed. All slips will be managed by the Recreational Boating staff.


  • What will happen to the house boats?

    The Port will not require Floating Over Water Residences to be removed from the Salmon Bay Marina as a result of the Port’s pending acquisition.  Once the Port takes ownership of the marina we will execute new three-year lease terms for Floating Over Water Residence slips, subject to conditions. 


  • Will there be any changes or modifications to the docks?

    Yes, a sprinkler system will be added to bring the covered docks up to fire code.

  • Will the parking lot be repaved?

    Every year the Port goes through a budget planning process where items needing improvement or replacement are gathered and evaluated on a priority basis. The parking lot repaving would be one of the items we would evaluate. As we have already determined the budget for 2018, it will most likely not be considered until the 2019 budget process. The asset in question would be examined to determine the remaining life and would be budgeted in the appropriate time period. The project would be evaluated against many other capital and expense projects. It would either be approved or pushed out into future years.  However, if there are issues that need to be responded to immediately, there are also contingency plans that would give us more flexibility in responding to emerging issues. In short, we will put the repaving project on our list to be evaluated and it will be considered in future budget planning.

  • Will the marina get Wi-Fi?

    Reliable Wi-Fi is just now becoming a reality for marinas. In fact, Shilshole Bay Marina is working with a vendor to install a reliable system starting in early 2018. For Wi-Fi at Salmon Bay Marina, we would begin by collecting information such as: current demand, current Wi-Fi system, vendor feedback and associated costs for the Port if any. If there is significant interest and costs are minimal or can be recovered, we would be interested in looking at a reliable Wi-Fi system at Salmon Bay Marina. This project would be lower in priority than safety or security related projects.

  • Will all currently covered slips remain covered?

    There are no current plans to remove the covered structure. In fact, funds have been budgeted to install a sprinkler system to increase the level of safety on the covered moorage docks.

  • Will new floating docks be installed?

    It is unclear at this time if new floating docks would be installed.  If we find out more information, we will immediately update you.

  • Will the chronic milfoil problem be addressed?

    Fishermen’s Terminal has an annual contract for milfoil eradication in the inner harbor. The service is provided twice a year. Salmon Bay Marina would most likely participate in a similar program.

  • Will the current marina staff be retained?

    Current marina staff will need to apply for positions through the Port of Seattle hiring process.

  • Will the current Corekey system be updated?

    Ideally, we would like to install a key fob access system in the near future.

  • Will the freshwater system be upgraded to provide a hose bib for each slip?

    Like other potential maintenance and repair projects, it will be put on our list to evaluate and prioritize for future budgets.

  • Will current tenants be allowed priority waitlist status for slip changes?

    We anticipate it will operate similarly to Shilshole Bay Marina where current customers are given priority on the waitlist when a new slip becomes available.

  • Will current liveaboard slips be retained and in their current loactions?

    At this time, liveaboards will be allowed to remain in their current slips.

  • Will the Port hold a meeting to accept input from current tenants on changes and improvements early in the process?

    Yes. As soon as we have more information and confirmation of a completed sale, we plan to host a meeting to communicate any changes and to take input from current customers.


Salmon Bay Marina

2100 W Commodore Way
Seattle, WA 98199

For media questions contact Peter McGraw via email or  206-787-3446.