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What's Ahead for Shilshole Bay Marina?


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Port of Seattle staff is working on plans and timelines for new restroom/laundry facilities and a potential new restaurant. Updates will be included in the Shilshole Splash newsletter, which is sent out every other month, and the most current information is available below. Sign-up for the newsletter or contact us with questions and/or comments.

March 8, 2017 Update

The team spent the last several months exploring the feasibility of adding a second floor to the new restroom buildings. Their extensive review found that the construction costs were very high and that the second floor was not financially viable in the current construction market and its pricing. As a result, the project will move ahead with three single-story buildings as presented last fall. The team will also pursue the paving project at the end of the construction. 
The new timetable includes:
  • Design at 60%: May, 2017
  • Shilshole Community Meeting: May/June, 2017
  • Design at 90% & permits submitted: July/August, 2017
  • Construction project out to bid: December, 2017
  • Start of construction: April, 2018
In an effort to make the buildings more sustainable, the team is exploring a geothermal heating system to serve as the main heating source. These systems use a closed-loop ground source heat pump to draw energy from 300’ below the ground’s surface and use it to heat the buildings. While the initial system can be more expensive than a traditional heating system, over time it pays for itself as energy bills are reduced. A test well--300’ deep-- will be drilled at the end of March. The activity will take approximately one week in an area near M-4.
Solar photovoltaic systems are also planned for the restrooms, and together with the geothermal heat source, they would substantially increase the buildings energy independence, provide cost savings and environmental advantages.
Background: The restroom/laundry project provides three new buildings at Shilshole. The two larger buildings include showers, restrooms and laundry facilities and are approximately 3,000 square feet. The new laundry facilities will offer twice as many washer/dryers. A new North End building will provide showers and restrooms in about 900 square feet. In comparison, each of the existing buildings are about 900 square feet and built in 1962.  

Thank you for your continued interest in the projects. If you have a question, please contact: