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Airport Noise Programs

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport offers one of the most comprehensive aircraft noise reduction programs in the nation.  Sea-Tac’s Noise Programs office works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the airlines and the local communities to monitor existing noise programs and develop new ways of reducing airport and aircraft noise.  The office has two primary focuses: 
  • Sound Insulation Programs are designed to help reduce the impact of aircraft noise within the community itself through insulation. 
  • Noise Abatement Programs focus on reducing the noise produced by aircraft while on the ground, during takeoffs and landings and during flights over populated areas.

Sound Insulation Statistics

  • Over 9,300 single family homes insulated
  • 6 condominium complexes insulated (260 total individual units)
  • $100 million provided to Highline Public Schools for sound insulation ($50 million from the Port and $50 million from the FAA) in noise impacted school buildings being constructed as part of the District’s capital facilities improvement plan – 7 of 15 identified schools are complete
  • $6 million provided so far to Highline Community College to assist in sound insulating of buildings located on the college campus. – 12 of 22 identified buildings are complete


  • Funding for Noise Programs come from about 20% Port of Seattle funds and 80% FAA Airport Improvement Project (AIP) grant funds.

Part 150 Study

In 1985, Sea-Tac was one of the first airports in the country to conduct a Part 150 Study .  The current study will be the fourth completed by the airport.  The current study is in its final phases and is expected to be approved by the FAA in early 2014.  This study is a voluntary planning effort designed to identify significant existing and future noise impacts, as defined by the FAA, and recommend actions to address those impacts.  

Additional Noise Programs

  • Noise Monitoring along with the airport’s flight track monitoring system, 25 permanent sites help the Port monitor airline compliance with noise abatement procedures, enable the Port to investigate citizen inquiries and identify changes and trends.  
  • The Fly Quiet Program An airline incentive program which encourages airlines and pilots to operate aircraft as quietly as possible by evaluating each airline on its compliance with noise abatement flight paths, overall noise level of its operations and compliance with engine run-up rules.
  • Greener Skies Initiative A partnership with POS, Alaska Airlines, FAA, and Boeing to improve the efficiency of approaches within existing noise abatement corridors, reduce fuel use and emissions, and reduce noise and over-flights.

Residents can request information about Sea-Tac-related aircraft noise and operations, learn more about noise insulation or report aircraft noise through the Port’s online Noise Comment Form; or contact the Noise Programs Office by calling 206-787-5393 or toll-free 1-800-826-1147.