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Art Policy and Guidelines

The art policy of the Port of Seattle is to provide a strong presence of visual artworks that are integrated into the architecture, interior and grounds of Port facilities. Artwork selected will be reflective of the high standards and artistic excellence of the existing collection. An emphasis for all artworks should be for contemporary work that engages and reflects the Northwest culture and environment as experienced by diverse cultures.
Artwork should generally be displayed in public areas. The Port of Seattle has a
commitment to artistic excellence. It is the intent of the Port to continue contributing to the cultural and artistic legacy of the region.​

Please read the full policy for more info. Download the

Rotating Art Exhibits Guidelines 

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a standard procedure for the review, approval, and implementation of rotating art exhibits in public areas at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (the “Airport”). It does not add to, alter, or delete any portion or portions of existing or future leases. If there is any conflict between a lease or agreement and these guidelines, the terms of the lease or agreement shall govern.
The Port of Seattle (the “Port”) provides locations at the Airport for the exhibit of artwork and artifacts for the public in public areas. The exhibits shall promote art or other cultural appreciation. In special cases, exhibits also may be approved which promote local tourism and \ or trade development.
In general, the exhibits will be curated by a gallery, a museum, or by a group of several artists or collectors and commercial activity should not be held in connection with any exhibit on Port property.
In all cases, art exhibits will display artwork and artifacts of museum quality, that is, of lasting interest and value. The exhibits also will be presented and displayed in a professional manner.
Any correspondence or inquiries regarding these guidelines should be directed to:
Port of Seattle
Attn: Art Program Manager
PO Box 68727
Seattle, WA 98168

Criteria for Rotating Exhibits
  • The exhibit must be suitable for viewing in a public space.
  • The exhibit should be reflective of the history, culture, or trade of the Northwest region. Exhibits also may reflect the mission of the Port as an international or domestic gateway to trade. travel and tourism. The Port also is focusing on being a national and regional environmental steward and a leader in public social responsibility.
  • Exhibitor must be willing to curate and install the exhibit, usually at their own cost.
  • Exhibitor must be willing to sign the exhibitor's agreement, hold harmless agreements, and provide insurance as required.
Exhibit Approval Procedure
Exhibitors proposing an art exhibit of a temporary nature to be displayed at the Airport shall first bring the proposal to the attention of the Art/Exhibit Manager. The Manager will provide the exhibitor with this copy of the art exhibit approval procedure and the exhibitor's agreement. The Manager also will provide the exhibitor with exhibit locations at the Airport and the footprint of those spaces.
Should the exhibitor wish to proceed, the exhibitor shall submit preliminary plans, specifications, sketches, or other documentation that adequately describes the proposed art exhibit. These preliminary documents are to include, but not be limited to the following:
  • A written description of the art exhibit indicating exhibit sponsorship, nature of exhibit, appropriateness of displaying the exhibit at the Airport, proposed exhibit schedule, and proposed promotion of the exhibit in the form of a text press release.
  • A layout plan showing the proposed location of the exhibit, presentation of individual pieces, and the proposed locations of any printed material used in connection with the exhibit.
  • A written description of the exhibit indicating dimensions and weight of the exhibits, as well as information regarding labor, materials, and equipment necessary for the installation, relocations, changes or removal of the exhibits.
All exhibit proposals will be submitted to the Art Program Manager for review, comment, approval and coordination with the Exhibit Review Committee.
The Art \ Exhibit Oversight Team will then make a preliminary determination as to the appropriateness and adequacy of the exhibit with respect to the purpose as described in the previous section and in light of other exhibits on display at the Airport. If the preliminary documents are found to be acceptable, or acceptable with directed modifications, the exhibitor will be so notified by the Art \ Exhibit Manager.
Exhibitor's Agreement Hold Harmless Agreements
The exhibitor shall be required to execute an exhibitor's agreement in substantially the form attached hereto and by this reference incorporated herein. This agreement presents the terms and conditions, which may be modified by the Port, under which the exhibit may be displayed. The exhibitor will also be required to sign a 'hold harmless agreement.'
Photos of Exhibit Items
Prior to the exhibit being installed the curator will submit photos of each of the pieces in the exhibit to the Art Program Manager.
Modifications to the Exhibit
During the exhibit period, the exhibitor may find it desirable to make alterations, additions, deletions, or other changes to the exhibit. Any such proposed changes must be submitted in writing to the Port and may not be incorporated into the exhibit without prior written approval of the Port.