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Art in Concourse A 


Artists​ ​Title ​Description ​Location
pantapol_johnson_thumb.gif Ted Jonsson​ Pantopol ​Stainless steel ​Concourse A
​Eduardo Calderon The Roots of Jazz in Washington State ​eight portraits of jazz musicians ​Concourse A
Mosaic.jpg ​Juan Alonso,
Rudy AUtio
Marlene Bauer
Amy Cheng
Peter deLory
Sam Gilliam
JoAnne Hammer
Robert Yoder
Susan Zoccola
Mosaic Columns​ ​Hand-cut glass and stone terrazzo mosaic ​Concourse A
travelinglight.jpg ​Linda Beaumont Traveling Light ​Painted and silk-screened glass panels ​Concourse A
FlowerWall2_thumb.jpg Nancy Blum​ Flower Wall ​Resin and aluminum cast ​South Transit Station- Concourse A
stella_yorkfactory_thumb.gif ​Frank Stella York Factory A ​Oil painting on canvas ​Concourse A
Trimpin_thumb.jpg ​Trimpin On Monkeys, Matter and the King​ ​Multi-media kinetic sculpture ​Concourse A
cloudsandclunkers_thumb.jpg Peter Shelton​ cloudsandclunkers ​Cast iron, polymers, stainless steel ​Councourse A
cappy_thumb.jpg ​Cappy Thompson I Was Dreaming of Spirit Animals ​glass enamel/ hand-blown glass ​Concourse A