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Art in the Consolidated Rental Car Facility

Two art projects give dramatic visual enhancement to the Rental Car Facility.

 • “Veiled Carbon,” on two helices by local artist Buster Simpson, is covered with a stainless steel mesh fabric that is illuminated in multiple random colors by 120 LED lights at night.

 • “Spinning Our Wheels,” by local artist Linda Beaumont, is a composition of 91 six-foot tall steel discs in an array of brilliant colors and designs.

Veiled Carbon – Helix Art

The sculpture consists of a multi-layered stainless steel hexagonal mesh which functions, like a theatrical scrim to shroud the two cylindrical vehicle access ramps. The veil curtain is drawn back where needed, to allow passage in and out of the structure. Both the ramp structure and the mesh are based on a hexagon, coincidently, the symbol of carbon. The helices each measure 99 feet in diameter and 63 feet high.
The mesh is attached to the top ring of structural frame and secured with stainless steel cable. As darkness approaches, 60 programmed LED fixtures per helix illuminate the veil to create a wide variety of light vignettes ranging from kinetically colorful compositions such as atmospheric indicators, and the color spectrum of oil and water.

The cost for the architectural elements originally designed for the helices was $1,514,000. The resulting artwork cost $1,500,000 resulting in a savings plus the artistic enhancement to the façade of the facility. This is a best case scenario of integrated artwork. ​

Spinning Our Wheels – 5th floor departure plaza

A mesmerizing array of brilliant colors and dazzling designs await travelers at the return shuttle location on the 5th floor. A composition of 91 steel discs, standing 6’ tall, and running the entire length of a 600 foot steel fence, the wheels are painted with luminous auto paint and airbrushed in several layers. Each wheel is unique in design and color and an artwork in and of itself.
The wheels create a playful narrative for the travelers caught in between worlds, and “spinning their wheels” while they await a shuttle bus to a flight into the skies, or a rental car for their visit to the Pacific Northwest. Set against the soft Seattle skies, the artwork brings a wondrous welcome into view. The cost for the artwork is $685,000.