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Pack with Security in Mind

Planning ahead and packing with security in mind can save you time and trouble later down the line. Know what items are prohibited in your carry-ons and checked bags. And remember, some items such as flammable adhesives, flammable aerosol products, camping fuel and other hazardous materials are prohibited in both carry-ons and checked bags.

What you may and may not bring through security or in checked bags

Always check the latest security measures in effect on TSA's website.

What does the FAA say?

The FAA also has a helpful Pack Safe page to help you navigate through the regulation of hazardous materials. Please keep in mind that the links on this page contain lists of common hazardous materials; if you don't see your item it doesn't mean it's allowed in baggage. When in doubt, leave it out!

Looking for other FAA hazmat information? The FAA Office of Hazardous Materials Safety web site contains information for airlines, cargo shippers, and passengers.