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Argo Yard Truck Roadway / East Marginal Way Phase II

The Port of Seattle is the lead agency in a coalition including the Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board (FMSIB), the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), Prologis and the City of Seattle, which has built a dedicated one-way truck-only roadway to provide a safer and faster truck freight route from the port marine terminals to the UPRR Argo Yard rail gate: Trucks are no longer required to enter SR-99, cross three lanes of south-bound traffic to reach the turn lane onto Diagonal Avenue South, and they do not have to wait for the signal to cross north-bound SR-99.
The new south-bound truck-only roadway provides access from the east side of the SR 99/East Marginal Way trestle underpass to the existing Colorado Avenue S cul-de-sac. The Project also includes the improvement of Colorado Avenue S and Diagonal Avenue S from the southern end of the new truck roadway to SR 99/East Marginal Way.

Project Elements

  • East Marginal Way Phase II: Construct street improvements along East Marginal Way including the undercrossing of the SR-99 structure south of Duwamish Avenue at the north end of the Argo Yard Truck Roadway (WSDOT and POS).
The Argo Yard Truck Roadway project includes three elements:
  • Element I: Maintain a 1300’ long, 16’ wide southbound dedicated truck-only roadway between the SR 99/East Marginal Way trestle underpass and the existing Colorado Avenue South cul-de-sac (POS).
  • Element II: Improve the public roadway and railroad crossing along Colorado Avenue South and Diagonal Avenue South (POS).
  • Element III: Construct a new automated gate system to improve efficiency for processing freight at its Argo Yard (UPRR).

Project Status

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) defining partners’ roles and responsibilities was completed in January 2012. A Supplement to the MOU, the design, and project easements were completed in early 2014. Construction was completed in April 2015.

Project Benefits

  • Improves safety
  • Improves air quality by reducing delay-related idling of trucks
  • Facilitates greater efficiencies in intermodal and multimodal activity
  • Complements major freight roadway improvements in the area
  • Increases overall roadway capacity
  • Incorporates and supports public/private partnerships
  • Eliminates last grade crossing conflict in area for northbound route to East Marginal Way overpass.

Costs by Element

​Project ​POS ​FMSIB ​UPRR ​Total ($000s)
​EMWGS Phase II ​2,975 ​394 ​- ​3,375
​Argo Element I ​2,529 ​440 ​- ​2,969
​Argo Element II ​796 ​160 ​- ​956
​Argo Element III ​75 ​3,750 ​4,175 ​8,000
Total: ​6,375 ​4,744 ​4,175 ​15,300

Argo Yard Truck Access

Download a map here


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