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Bylaws of the Port of Seattle Commission​

Most recently amended by Resolution No. 3733.

The Port Commission is the legally constituted governing body of the Port of Seattle. As a governing body of a special purpose municipal corporation, it is charged with the responsibility of filling legislatively mandated purposes and objectives.

These Bylaws constitute the rules governing the transaction of business by the duly elected Port Commission. Commissioners shall faithfully perform all duties of office. Commissioners shall abide by the principle that "public service is a public trust." Commissioners shall uphold the integrity, impartiality and independence of the Commission and shall encourage and promote accountability, transparency, and public confidence by their actions.

Commissioners shall safeguard the Port of Seattle as a public agency whose primary mission shall be to invest public resources to advance trade and commerce, promote industrial growth, stimulate economic development, and create jobs. This mission depends upon the transportation of people and goods by air, water, and land and ensures economic vitality and a sustainable quality of life for the people of King County. The Commission shall act to preserve scarce maritime and aviation-related resources of unique value for Port uses.