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Then and Now

Smith Cove, Terminal 19
Longshoremen load and move cargo with tractors.​
Terminal 5
Containers on the move with a yard hostler, 2007​.
Globe Dining Room, 1950
Sea-Tac Airport​
Central Terminal Concessions, 2005
A room with a view
Harbor Island, 1912
Post Card by Nowell and Rognon
Terminal 18, 1982
Loading containerships. Terminal 18 has since undergone an additional expansion.
Sea-Tac Airfield, 1949
Four cross-wind, military style runways allowed planes, ill-equipped for landing in inclement weather, the ability to land.​
Sea-Tac Airfield, 2010
Three parallel runways provide safe landing during inclement weather.​
Smith Cove
Longshoremen use a tractor to move cargo, Terminal 91, circa 1915-1920.
Terminal 46
Moving containers with a top pick, 2007
Hanford Street Grain Terminal, 1915 Terminal 86 Grain Facility, 2008
Sea-Tac Airport, 1949
Sea-Tac Main Terminal grand opening day, July 9, 1949.
Sea-Tac Airport, 2005​
Central Terminal
Terminal 91, Circa 1920s
Courtesy Washington State Archives
Terminal 91, 2009
Cruise ship terminal opened at Terminal 91, 2009.​
Shilshole Bay Marina, 1961 Shilshole Bay Marina, 2009