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Where a Sustainable World is Headed

The Port of Seattle plays a key role in bringing international trade, transportation and travel to the Pacific Northwest, and supports industries as diverse as tourism and commercial fishing. The port is also a key builder of road and rail infrastructure, partnering with other agencies to improve freight traffic from Tacoma to Everett.
The port owns and operates Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - the nation’s 15th busiest – handling more than 34.7 million passengers in 2013. Sea-Tac's Air Cargo operations rank 21st in the U.S. Our passenger cruise terminals at Pier 66 and Smith Cove Terminal handled 202 ship calls and an estimated 934,900 passengers during the 2012 season.
State-of-the-art cargo handling facilities helped rank Seattle as the nation’s 8th busiest U.S. seaport in 2012, serving 18 international steamship lines moving more than 1.88 million TEUs (20-foot equivalent unit containers). The port also operates four public marinas, and manages a number of real estate assets for financial return and broad economic advantage.
Our tagline, “Where a sustainable world is headed” to communicate our goal to be a national leader in sustainable port operations, and the Port’s many award-winning environmental programs provide measurable benefits to the community and a competitive edge for our customers.
The Port of Seattle’s economic impact is strong. Seattle’s Seaport and Airport generate nearly 200,000 jobs throughout the region with payroll in excess of $6.8 billion. Five commissioners, elected at large by the voters of King County, Washington, serve four-year terms and establish Port of Seattle policy. The chief executive officer, in carrying out these policies, leads 1,700 employees in five divisions.
The Port of Seattle began creating a “Century Agenda” vision and strategic plan that focuses on the port’s next quarter-century of business and operations. The goal of the Century Agenda is to build upon the accomplishments of the past century with a visionary look forward to the emerging challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.


The Port of Seattle is a public agency that creates jobs by advancing trade and commerce, promoting industrial growth, and stimulating economic development. 


Over the next 25 years we will add 100,000 jobs through economic growth led by the Port of Seattle, for a total of 300,000 port-related jobs in the region, while reducing our environmental footprint.


  • We conduct business with the highest ethical standards.
  • We honor our commitments to one another, the community, and our customers.
  • We are capable, high-performing people who appreciate the privilege of public service.
  • We embrace the richness of a diverse workplace and support employee development.
  • We are responsible stewards of community resources and the environment.
See the Port's full Statement of Values here


port-wide Strategies:

 1. Implement Century Agenda Strategies:
     A. Position the Puget Sound region as a premier international logistics hub
     B. Advance this region as a leading tourism destination and business gateway
     C. Use our institutional influence to promote small business growth and workforce
     D. Be the greenest and most energy efficient port in North America
2. Demonstrate living our values through our actions and priorities
3. Exceed customer expectations and manage our finances responsibly
4. Support Port of Seattle mission with implementation of divisions’ business plan


Our commitment to diversity

At the Port of Seattle, diversity is viewed as a source of possibility and strength. It is not an initiative or campaign. Rather, it is integral to policy, processes and programs that are woven into all daily activities within the port community. Read more about diversity at the port.
2012 - 2013 Annual Report ARcoverThumb.pngClick to view the new interactive report

The Century Agenda will help guide the port into the 21st century.


Rising Tides & Tailwinds

"Rising Tides and Tailwinds" is the story of the Port of Seattle’s evolution from a chaotic sprawl of rail lines, docks and warehouses to a world-class port. 138 pages, color photos. Available for purchase online now.


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