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Safety Tips 

Reducing your chances of becoming a victim of theft
Port of Seattle Police would like to remind you to take a few steps to decrease your chances of falling victim to car prowls and burglary.
1.      Thieves prefer dark and quiet parking areas so park where it’s busy and well-lit.
2.      Lock your car doors. Many people often forget and this is one of the simplest steps you can take.
3.      Don’t store valuables in your car, but if you must, make sure your valuables are out of sight. Put them in the truck, under a blanket or a privacy screen.
4.      If you need to take shopping bags to the car while shopping, then return to the stores, be aware of your surroundings and don’t do this while others are watching.
5.      If you have a GPS in the dash or window, stow your GPS unit and anything used to hang it. Thieves use those accessories as clues and will often break in to cars assuming you have valuables stored.
6.      Keep track of your packages and don’t leave them sitting in front of your house. Many shippers now offer text or email alerts. Sign up and put the packages in the house right away or ask a neighbor to pick it up for you.
7.      Don’t leave spare keys or your garage door opener in plain sight.  Thieves can easily figure out your address by examining you vehicle documents.
8.      Maintain a list of all your electronic devices and include the make, model and serial numbers. If any are stolen and you submit an insurance claim you will need to provide this information. In addition, report the crime to the local law enforcement agency. If you provide this information to them and they recover the property, there is a good chance it will be returned to you. Pawn shops are also required to check all items they take in. If the property and serial numbers are reported by you to the police and it is entered into the computer system, the pawn shop is required to report it to the local authorities.
9.      Enable the GPS tracking feature on your electronic device.  Police agencies often recover stolen phones and tablets by using this feature.
By following these steps, you will greatly reduce the potential of becoming a victim of theft and increase your chances of recovering property if it does get stolen.