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Port of Seattle Police Department

The Port of Seattle Police Department provides the primary law enforcement service to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the port's seaport properties. The Department was created in 1972 and currently consists of 108 commissioned police officers and 33 non-commissioned personnel. The port police are the primary first responders for all reported crimes and incidents within its jurisdiction.


CALEA Reaccreditation

The Port of Seattle Police Department recently completed reaccreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). This was the first reaccreditation for the department; original accreditation occurred in 2011 and accreditation cycles are three years in length. The first reaccreditation is recognized as the toughest in accreditation cycles. CALEA was first established in 1979 with the goals of enhancing law enforcement as a profession and increasing service deliverability.

CALEA is recognized as the first law enforcement accreditation body and is the only international law enforcement accreditation body. CALEA truly is the gold standard in law enforcement accreditation. Only two percent of law enforcement agencies in the country obtain CALEA accreditation. The Port of Seattle Police Department is one of only two port police departments to satisfy all requirements to be CALEA accredited.  





Read the new interactive annual report that includes dynamic stories and photos and interesting video clips.Port of Seattle Police Annual Report

A Standard of Excellence – Port Police Annual Report 2012/13

Administrative Bureau

The primary mission of the Administrative Bureau is to provide support to the Patrol Bureau. The Administrative Bureau consists of the Criminal Investigations Division, Fleet & Supply and the Professional Development & Standards Division.

Patrol Bureau

The Patrol Bureau is the most visible representation of the Department while patrolling our jurisdictions within and around the airport and seaport. Uniformed members serve our community in many ways to include responding to 911 calls, assisting the public, providing proactive patrol, and facilitating the safe and expeditious movement of traffic. Officers may be called to take a report of a crime from a travelling member of the public, intervene in a physical confrontation, or respond to a security breach within the airport.

Mission: One Team - One Mission - Total Success

badge.jpgThe men and women of the Port of Seattle Police Department are committed to providing professional law enforcement services, protecting the rights of individuals, preventing crime, and building community partnerships.
Officers routinely interact with a diverse population and a large number of different local and federal agencies. As more 32 million passengers travel through Sea-Tac Airport every year, every officer is expected to be a public relations person as well as a law enforcement officer. Port of Seattle Police patrol more than 30 miles of waterfront property, piers, marinas and cargo and cruise ship terminals.

The Department also has civilian staff members who are essential to the safe and efficient operation of the organization. Non-commissioned personnel include 9-1-1 communications specialists who receive and coordinate all calls for service for both the Port of Seattle Fire and Police Departments and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police. Police Specialists can be found in the Records section, in budgeting and payroll or in other administrative support roles.