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Proactive Anti-Crime Team​

The mission of the Port of Seattle Police Department Proactive Anti-Crime Team, also known as ProAct Team, is “to provide proactive, flexible, mission-oriented law enforcement services to the Port of Seattle, for the purpose of reducing crimes against persons and property in and around our community.”

Formed in December of 2010, the POSPD ProAct Unit uses a variety of investigative methods to anticipate and respond to crimes that affect the Port of Seattle and the surrounding community. Combining available technology, plain clothes, uniform patrol, crime analysis, and community-oriented policing practices, ProAct works hard to suppress crime and make a positive impact in the community. 

ProAct currently employs a “two-prong” approach to fighting crime. The first is an ongoing analysis of and response to crimes and incidents that occur within the Port of Seattle. These crimes include luggage thefts, vehicle prowls, illegal trafficking, and counter-terrorism surveillance. The second approach encompasses good crime prevention techniques, such as rapport-building with local businesses and stakeholders, improving communication with community partners, crime prevention education, and physical security analysis. 

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Currently, two officers are assigned as full time members of ProAct, with temporary rotating positions for officers to augment the unit during times of heightened activity.  ProAct officers work a variety of shifts, based on the needs of the community and identified periods of increased crime.

Since its inception ProAct has made a considerable impact on crimes that affect the Port of Seattle.  ProAct continually strives to support our department’s vision of being “the nation’s finest port police.” While crime is rare at the Port of Seattle, it does occur at times.

Here are some tips to make your time with us enjoyable and safe:

  • If you are flying into Sea-Tac Airport and have checked luggage, mark your suitcase with something distinctive, like a colored piece of yarn, or a bandana. This will allow you to identify it quickly, and deter a potential bag thief from taking it.
  • When you arrive at the airport, proceed to bag claim as quickly as possible to pick up your luggage. If you don’t see it, report the situation to an airline representative immediately. If they tell you the luggage is stolen, contact Port of Seattle Police. 
  • Once you get your suitcase, check the tags to ensure it belongs to you. Many suitcases look similar at a glance.
  • Always keep your belongings in your personal control. Do not leave items for “just a minute” as that’s all it takes for a dishonest person to take them.
  • If you are parking and leaving your vehicle for any period of time, ensure you lock the doors and leave the windows rolled up completely. Avoid leaving any valuables in your vehicle. If you must leave something behind, make sure you lock it in the trunk, completely out of sight. It is not adequate to cover items on the seat with a coat or towel.
  • Consider “layers of protection” for your vehicle, such as an alarm, ignition disabling device, and a steering wheel lock. The harder of a target that your vehicle appears to be, the less appealing it will be to would-be-thieves.
  • When you arrive at Sea-Tac Airport, make a note of where you parked, and keep the note in a safe place. Many travelers panic when they arrive and cannot locate their vehicle, when they simply do not recall where they left it.
  • Most importantly, always be aware of your surroundings and listen to your gut. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, remove yourself from it. Next, get to an area that is busy with other people, and call
    9-1-1. Report any and all suspicious activity to Port of Seattle Police.