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Economic impacts of airport operations

In 2017, the airport supported $22.5 billion in total economic activity, including direct and multiplier effects.

The airport supported an estimated 78,300 jobs, including 19,100 jobs at the airport and 68,200 jobs supported through visitor spending. The vast majority of the jobs are within King County.

More than 350 employers operate at the airport. Jobs at  the airport pay on average an estimated $73,500 in total compensation, including wages and benefits.

The airport supports a total of 151,400 jobs, either directly or through multiplier effects. 

​Click this link to view the full Sea-Tac Airport Economic Impacts Report

Direct jobs, compensation and business revenues

Washington, 2017

Category Direct
jobs *
(M 2017 $)
(M 2017 $)​
(incl benefits)
(M 2017 $)​
​On-site Airport Activity 19,100 $​5,574.80​​5,574.80​ $1,109.80​ $1,403.00​
Passenger Airlines and Passenger Services 6,700​​ $2,386.30​​ $399.40​ $503.20​
​Airport Services and Business-to-Business Vendors ​7,500 $1,575.40​ $412.50​ $519.40​
​Ground Transportation* ​600 $318.80​ $25.20​ $31.50​
​Contract Construction and Consulting Services ​2,000 $498.30​ $124.10​ $153.70​
​Air Cargo ​2,300 $796.00​ $148.60​ $195.10​
​Visitor Impacts ​68,200 $5,906.50​ $1,878.00​ $2,247.80​
​TOTAL 87​,300​​,300​ 11,481.30 $2,987.80​ $3,650.80​
* only includes rental cars; employment estimated based on 2016 Car Rental Gross Sales Note: values may not sum correctly due to rounding.

Total economic impacts of Sea-Tac Airport

Washington, 2017 
On-site Airport Activity Visitors Total
Total Jobs 44,000 107,400 151,400
Passenger Airlines and Passenger Services $2,760.20 $4,339.30 $7,099.50
​Airport Services and Business-to-Business Vendors $10,120.5010,120.50 $12,375.50 $22,477.90

Community impacts

Badged employees by city Residence, 2017 

Impacts by city

Burien: Sea-Tac Airport supports $138 million in economic activity in Burien.

Des Moines: Economic activity generated by Sea-Tac Airport represents 12 percent of Des Moines’ estimated Gross Domestic Product.

Federal Way: Direct activities at Sea-Tac Airport support 5,900 jobs in Federal Way.

Normandy Park: Jobs supported by the airport represent 36 percent of total employment in Normandy Park.

SeaTac: Sea-Tac Airport supports $6.1 billion in economic activity in the City of SeaTac.

Tukwila: Sea-Tac Airport supports $274 million in total compensation in Tukwila.

Breakdown of Activities at Sea-Tac Airport

Passenger Airlines & Passenger Services

  • Passenger Airlines
  • Skycaps
    • curbside check-in, wheelchair assistance, baggage
  • Bank & Insurance
    • currency exchange, flight insurance
  • Retail/Concession Tenants

Airport Services &  Business-to-Business Vendors:

  • Aviation Service Firms
    • Fixed Base Operators providing fuel, parts
  • Airline Catering Services
  • Airline Janitorial Services
  • Port of Seattle Administration
  • State, City, Federal Government
    • Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security

Ground Transportation:

  • Car Rental Firms Buses and Shuttles Limo Services Taxis
  • Other
    • Uber, Lyft

Contract Construction & Consulting Services

  • Construction and Remodeling Services at the Airport
  • Architecture & Engineering Services

Air Cargo

  • Freight/Air Cargo Airlines
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Trucking Firms Moving Cargo
  • Air Couriers

Visitor Spending (Off-site)

  • Local Retail, Restaurants and Other Services
  • Entertainment
  • Accommodations
  • Travel Agencies