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Port of Seattle Design and Construction Reference Documents

Essential documents for contractors, designers and consultants.

2004 Master Guide Specs (Construction Only)
1995 Master Guide Specs (Construction Only)

Master Guide Spec Div 00
Master Guide Spec Div 01
Master Guide Spec Div 02
Master Guide Spec Div 03
Master Guide Spec Div 04
Master Guide Spec Div 05
Master Guide Spec Div 06
Master Guide Spec Div 07
Master Guide Spec Div 08
Master Guide Spec Div 09
Master Guide Spec Div 10
Master Guide Spec Div 11
Master Guide Spec Div 12
Master Guide Spec Div 13
Master Guide Spec Div 14
Master Guide Spec Div 15
Master Guide Spec Div 16
Master Guide Spec Div 17

Tenant Improvement Master Guide Specs Electronic Payroll (EPI) Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Purchasing Service Agreements Construction and Design Reference Documents


Tenant Design and Construction Process Manual
Construction Safety Manual
Rules for Airport Construction

Applications for Utilities Connection

Communications Systems
Electrical Systems
Electrical Systems Instructions
Industrial Waste Systems
Mechanical Systems
Natural Gas System
Radio Frequency Systems Application
Sanitary Waste Systems
Storm Drain Systems
Water Systems

Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines 2001
Concessions Design Guidelines
Landscape Design Guidelines 1999
Port of Seattle Health and Safety Manual
Interlocal Agreement City of SeaTac

Design Standards

Architecture Standards 2008
CAD Standards 2014
Casework Standards 2003
Communications Systems Standards 2014
Electrical System Standards 2014
Industrial Waste and Storm Drainage Systems Standards 2002
Landscape Standards 2006
Mechanical Systems Standards 2014
Radio Frequency Standards 2005
Rental Car Facility (RCF) Tenant Design and Construction Standards 2012
DRAFT Restroom Design Standards 2009
Signage Standards 2011
Stormwater Management Manual
Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems Standards 2003

Building Permits

How to Apply for a Permit
Preliminary Design Review Conference Meeting Procedures
Schedule of Building Permit Fees
Schedule of Grading Permit Fees
Special Inspection and Structural Observation Agreement
Rules for Obtaining a Construction Trailer Permit
Procedures for Temporary Structures on the Airfield
Procedures on Deferred Submittals and Change Orders


Personal Professional Services Protest Procedures
Construction Safety Manual
Document 1860 - Safety Management