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Labor Relations

The Port of Seattle has a long history of working with organized labor in ways that support its mission to create economic vitality in the Puget Sound region.

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Since the port’s inception it has worked with organized labor to make Seattle's seaport and airport among the most competitive in the nation. And continued open communication fosters the cooperation and trust between the port and its represented employees.

The port promotes a high performance organization through continuing education and training, and works closely with represented employees to maintain our place in the highly competitive global marketplace.

current contractual agreements with our labor partners

International Association of Machinists, Local 289

​Auto Machinists (76.1 KB PDF) ​2013-2017
Parts Procurement (2 MB PDF) ​2013-2015

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 46

Electricians (3 MB PDF)​ ​2012-2017
Electronic Technicians (2 MB PDF) ​2014-2017
Utility Workers (3 MB PDF) ​2012-2017

International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Local 9

AV/OPS-SEC (170 KB PDF) ​2011-2014
       Extension to Original Agreement (229 KB PDF) ​2014-2015
Tour Group Coordinators (1.11 MB PDF) ​2014-2016

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 286

Operating Engineers (2 MB PDF) ​2011-2014

Sea-Tac International Association of Firefighters, Local 1257

Firefighters (3.25 MB PDF) ​2014-2016

 Seattle King County Building Trades

Maintenance Addendum Agreement (900 KB PDF) ​ ​2013-2015

Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters 

Carpenters (254 KB) ​2013-2015

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 117

Rental Car Facility Bus Drivers (2 MB PDF) ​2013-2016
Bus Drivers and Cashiers (2 MB PDF) ​2012-2015
Police and Fire Communications (Dispatch) (3 MB PDF) ​2012-2014
Credential Specialists (2 MB PDF) ​2012-2015
Police Dept. Non-Sworn Supervisors (1.02 MB PDF) ​2014-2016
Police Officers (997 KB PDF) ​2015-2017
Police Sergeants (799 KB PDF) ​2015-2017
Police Specialists (3 MB PDF) ​2012-2015

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 763

Teamsters Local 763 - Police Commanders (3 MB PDF) 2013-2015​

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 174

Teamsters Local 174 - Truck Drivers (2.4 MB PDF)​







Labor Relations

David Freiboth
Senior Director - Labor Relations
(206) 787-4656
Robin Romeo
Director - Labor Relations
(206) 787-7963
Milton Ellis
Labor Relations Manager
(206) 787-6802
Mikel O'Brien
Labor Relations Manager
(206) 787-5730
Kim Ramsey
Labor Relations Manager
(206) 787-5719
Sarah R. Duncan
Administrative Assistant
(206) 787-3770

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Project Labor Agreement

rules & Regs

Sea-Tac Airport

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Sea-Tac's Rules & Regulations, including application procedures for First Amendment Activities.