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Land for Lease 

  • All properties are currently available unless otherwise noted.
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Location/Address Use Size Rent Contact Comments Image
200th Street Development Planned for industrial 47.1 acres Jeffrey Utterback
Working on wetlands Map
55 acre parcel 55 acres Jeffrey Utterback(206)787-4580
Some use restrictions on 22.3 acres Map
CEM Site
2900 SW Florida St.
Yard Space ~10 acres $.22/sf/mo
Paved. Short term leases. 1 acre minimum.
Des Moines Creek Business Park - Phase 1 Planned for industrial 87.3 acres
Jeffrey Utterback
Leased to Panattoni Corporation - Phase 1 under construction Map
Des Moines Creek Business Park - Phase 2 Planned for industrial 17 acres Jeffrey Utterback(206)787-4580 Potential Puget Sound view Map
Des Moines Creek Business Park - Phase 3 Planned for industrial 28.7 acres Allan Royal(206)787-4580 Within the City of Seatac Map
L-Shaped Parcel Air Cargo related 26.2 acres Jeffrey Utterback(206)787-4580 Map
Northeast Redevelopment Area (NERA 1 - Lora Lake) 13.3 acres Jeffrey Utterback(206)787-4580 Environmental cleanup project in process Map
NERA 2 Some use restrictions Allan Royal(206)787-4580 Map
NERA 3 Air Cargo related 23.4 acres Allan Royal(206)787-4580 Map
Pier 2 West
2900 SW Florida
Yard space .75 acres $.20/sf/mo
Paved/fenced. Short term lease
​Pier 91 Uplands ​Storage

​Up to 9 acres, can demise






​Lily Ninburg


​Asphalt parking lot, some lighting, security gate at entrance to Pier 91.  
Tsubota Site
1819 15th Ave. W.
14,000 sf;  4,000 sf $.20 - .56/sf/mo Lily Ninburg
Lightly graveled surface. Warehouse space with utilities. Short-term leases.