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Fishermen's Terminal 25-Year Plan

The Port of Seattle is committed to preserving its maritime and industrial assets at Fishermen’s Terminal, home to the North Pacific Fishing Fleet. Because of its role in the regional economy, it is essential to the port that this complex continues to support the industry and meet the changing needs of the fleet.
Now that upgrades to the terminal’s moorage have been made, the next step to ensure a vibrant maritime hub is a planning strategy for the aging structures, and a discussion about opportunities to make improvements.
To define an overall strategy, the port has launched the Fishermen’s Terminal 25-Year Plan. This plan will clarify future needs through outreach to key customers and tenants. Plus, it will incorporate the findings of the two projects already underway – the Asset Condition Assessment and the Storage Locker Code Compliance Project.

Stakeholder Outreach Program

Stakeholder outreach activities are ongoing for the Fishermen’s Terminal 25-Year Plan. When finished, the plan will address the adequacy of the upland buildings and yards as well as opportunities to improve them.
At the outset of the planning process staff held a customer open house and conducted a series of interviews with fishing moorage tenants. This led to an initial assessment of customer needs, which can be found here.
More recently, the study conducted surveys intended to confirm the interview findings by reaching a larger portion of our customers. Moving forward the Fishermen’s Terminal Advisory Committee will play a key role in the stakeholder outreach. Public meetings will also be held. Notice of the public meetings will be accomplished by various means including direct mailings to all moorage and upland customers. You can also use the website provided below to submit your email address in order to receive email updates on the project and reminders of meetings. Project manager Joseph Gellings can be reached at (206) 787-3368 or via email.

Sign Up

To receive regular updates about the plan, you can sign-up here by entering your e-mail address and selecting the Fishermen's Terminal option. You can also select other port-related options.

Progress To Date

Significant progress has been made in developing the Fishermen’s Terminal 25-Year Plan. On Tuesday December 6, 2011, port staff provided a briefing to the Port of Seattle Commission on the status of the planning process. The meeting will be held at 1pm at Pier 69, Alaskan Way between Clay and Vine streets, in Commission Chambers. The following memo and attachments go with the briefing: Memo, Attachment 1, Attachment 2 and PowerPoint.
Contact the Project Manager: Joseph Gellings, AICP, at (206) 787-3368


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