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Other Moorage Facilities

The Port of Seattle also offers different moorage opportunities throughout Elliott Bay.


Pier 69

Two berths available - 90 linear feet and 220 linear feet. Water and power available. 

Pier 66

Seasonal deep water moorage opportunity October - March. 240' berth and 1,875 linear berth. Water and power available. Click here for Bell Street Pier (Pier 66) Cruise Terminal information and contacts.

Pier 34 dolphins

Two berths, each can accommodate up to one 400' x 100' barge (no rafting). No shore side access or utilities.

Terminal 28

850 linear feet of moorage available. Shore side access is limited. No utilities. 

Terminal 25

400 linear feet of moorage available. 

Terminal 18 north of Harbor Island moorage dolphins

Two berths, each berth capable of moorage two 400' x 100' barges (one rafted outboard). No shore side access or utilities. 

Pier 2 dolphins

Barge moorage. No shore side access or utilities. 

Terminal 107 dolphins and submerged land

Spud barge moorage and dolphins. No shore side access or utilities. 

Terminal 108 dolphins

Barge moorage. No shore side access or utilities. 

Terminal 86 Grain Facility

Terminal 86 is a completely automated grain facility, assuring efficient movement of grain from trucks and rail cars to silos and then to ship's hold.
Terminal operator: Louis Dreyfus Corporation
Gerry Meehl, Terminal Manager
955 Alaskan Way W. 
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 284-4851 


​Contact information

24-Hour Phone
(206) 787-3751

Kelli Goodwin, Maritime Operations Manager
206-787-4935 office

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