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​The Fly Quiet Incentive Program encourages airlines and pilots to operate aircraft as quietly as possible. On June 25, 2013, three airlines were honored by the Port of Seattle Commission as winners of the Fly Quiet Awards for their efforts in 2012 at Sea-Tac Airport.  

Fly Quiet Bravo Award – Alaska Airlines
Awarded to the quietest airline among the top five Sea-Tac carriers.
Alaska Airlines flies a modern and quiet fleet of Boeing 737s. Alaska has also been a key partner with the Port and the FAA on the Greener Skies Initiative which is developing quieter and more fuel efficient approaches into Sea-Tac Airport.
Fly Quiet Award – Frontier Airlines
Awarded to the quietest airline among all other Sea-Tac carriers.
Frontier Airlines flies the latest Airbus A320 and A319 aircraft at Sea-Tac and consistently excels in adhering to noise abatement flight procedures. Frontier has been a strong competitor for this award every year and this is their first Fly Quiet Award.
Fly Quiet Regional Airline Award – Air Canada Jazz
Awarded to the quietest airline among all regional Sea-Tac carriers.
Air Canada Jazz is a prime example of what an airline can accomplish when it makes a commitment to noise reduction. They operate a quiet fleet of Canadair Regional Jets (CRJs) and have an excellent record of adhering to Sea-Tac’s flight procedures.

The Fly Quiet incentive program evaluations include measuring each airline on its compliance with noise abatement flight paths, overall noise level of its operations and compliance for testing engines on the ground. The annual awards were established by port staff and a citizen advisory committee to increase airline and pilot awareness to benefit local communities.

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