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Raptor Strike Avoidance Program


raptor_4.jpg raptor_2.jpg raptor_3.jpg
Images courtesy / Maynard Axelson

This is one of many programs at Sea-Tac that helps reduce or eliminate the features that draw wildlife to the airport, protecting both passengers and wildlife.

Hawks and owls can be extremely hazardous to aircraft. In 2001, a program was developed to young raptors to safer environments. Since that time, more than 400 raptors have been successfully live-trapped and relocated to an area of high quality raptor habitat in northern Washington. Territorial adult hawks are scared away from the runways, but generally not relocated because these birds are more "airport savvy" and likely help to keep transient hawks away.

Learn more about  raptor strike avoidance.

"Raptor Strike Avoidance at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: A Biological Approach"