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Medical Plan Comparison Tool

Use this tool to get a quick and rough estimate of how your total annual healthcare costs might compare among the three Port-sponsored medical plans: Aetna Deductible, Aetna High Deductible, and Kaiser Permanente Core Plan. Based upon your input, the tool will estimate your total costs for the year by plan (including premiums and out-of-pocket costs).

Think about expenses you know you will have next year, such as a planned surgery, or care for a chronic condition. Don’t forget to add in your prescriptions. Then test out different medical scenarios and levels of coverage. This tool can help you easily compare what your costs might be under each of the plans given the same circumstances.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this is only a very rough estimate. It does not consider many important variables that might impact costs, such as services performed out-of-network, future changes in the prices of drugs and services, or when expenses occur.

Let's get started!


Please select your level of coverage:
Employee Only
Employee and Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee and Children
Couple and Child(ren)

Did you earn your 2017 Wellness Reward?:

Please indicate your coverage level and wellness participation.

In-network Services

Please enter the nominal cost of service (before/not including copays, coinsurance, etc.). Old medical receipts, bills, and Explanations of Benefits (EOB) are a great resource to estimate costs for various services and procedures.

Service Visits per Year Cost per Visit
Preventive Services Network preventive care is covered at 100%. Please note the list of preventive services covered at 100% varies by plan. Visit the Aetna and Kaiser Permanente websites for more information.
Office Visits $
Telemedicine (?) $
Hospital (Inpatient Stays) $
Hospital (Outpatient Surgery) $
Emergency Room Care $
Total Cost of Any Other Services $

Prescription Drugs

Note: the Aetna plans have a 3-tier pricing structure (generic, non-preferred brand name, preferred brand name). Furthermore, under the Aetna plans, certain preventive medications required as part of preventive care services are covered at 100% with no copayment or deductible. Under the HDHP, other generic and brand-name preventive drugs are available at only 20% coinsurance with no deductible.

Please refer to the Medical Plans page or visit each provider's website for more information about prescription drug coverage (including preventive coverage) under each plan.

Type Pharmacy Preventive? # Refills Price per Rx
+ Add Row

Please correct the highlighted fields. Only numbers and decimals permitted.

Your Total Estimated Costs

Description Kaiser Aetna HDHP Aetna Deductible
The estimated annual amount you would pay for services, including prescriptions
The estimated amount you would contribute toward plan premiums
HSA Contribution* $0 $0
Total amount you would pay in the year:

* HDHP participants receive an HSA contribution rather than a premium reduction for earning their Wellness Reward.