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Opportunities for Port-related employers
and young people exploring careers

​Opportunity in our region needs to include many paths, many industries to explore and many careers to pursue. As a community, we need to create and expand opportunities for people of all backgrounds and skills in a wide range of industries. Our workforce should reflect our community and the global community we connect to.  

The Port of Seattle’s Intern Sponsor Program places future leaders with small businesses connected to the port, the waterfront, and our local manufacturers.

We receive dozens of high school and college intern applications each year. Now we need your help to place them at your business. Will you join our network of career connected learning opportunities?

Jacob internship at Vigor Shipyards, 2016



Port of Seattle is accepting applications for graduate, college and high school interns NOW!


If the next generation of employees is important to you, contact LeeAnne Schirato,   
(206) 787-7472.

internship flyer


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I host an intern?

Guiding young people toward a good career path supports the future of Port-related industries and helps to create a strong, inclusive economy in our region. Our current pipeline of workers will not meet future demand and recruiting young workers to our industries has been challenging. These jobs offer competitive pay and benefits, but those who could benefit the most are not aware of these opportunities. If the next generation of employees is important to you, consider hosting an intern.

What are my responsibilities as an intern host?


  1. Work with program staff to develop a job description that ensures your intern performs meaningful work and gets a real sense of working in your industry.
  2. Identify a worksite supervisor for the intern, preferably a full-time staff member who can attend intern supervisor training and provide day-to-day supervision.
  3. Pay your intern. Subsidies may be available.
  4. Keep in touch with the youth counselor assigned to your intern throughout the summer. 
Can I select the intern or be part of the interview process?

Program staff will be assigning interns to hosts and will work closely with you to make sure it’s a good match. Interns are assigned based on their interests and abilities, while coordinating their work schedule with any summer classes and their ability to get to the worksite.

What support will I receive during the internship?
  • Assistance to develop a job description
  • Training for the intern supervisor
  • A youth counselor available during the internship
  • Educational and career-enrichment activities provided for your intern offsite of your business
  • Acknowledgment of your organization’s participation in program materials
When do the 2017 internships begin and end?

You should expect your intern to arrive at your worksite on Monday, July 10, unless a different start date has been determined with program staff. During the prior week, interns will receive an orientation to the program at a Port of Seattle worksite. Internships should continue for at least six weeks, through Friday, August 18. By mutual agreement between you and the student, the internship may last longer than six weeks.

Are these full-time positions?

Most internship positions should be full-time, working 40 hours per week, depending on the student’s availability. Less than full-time positions are possible by mutual agreement between you and the intern.

What is a typical work schedule for an intern?

Unless the intern has a class to attend during the summer, a typical work schedule would be Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., with an hour for lunch. A different work schedule is possible based on mutual agreement between you and the intern.

What if I’m not ready to host an intern? How else can I help?

There are many other ways you can help a student explore maritime careers.

  • Provide a tour of your facility
  • Allow a student to job shadow you
  • Serve on an outreach panel
  • Participate in a career fair
To help in these ways, contact Workforce Development Program Manager Marie Kurose via e-mail ( ) or phone at (206) 787-6839.


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