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Veterans at the Port of Seattle

Something Bigger than OurselvesVeterans are often well suited to careers in public safety. The Port of Seattle has both a Police and Fire Department where you may wish to explore career opportunities.

Watch a short video highlighting several Port of Seattle Police officers and their positive work experience serving on the Port of Seattle Police force. You also may visit the POSPD employment page.



Veterans Fellowship Program

Veteran Fellowship Program alumni, pictured from left are: Christopher Prost, U.S. Navy, Separated;
Danielle Malosh, U.S. Army, U.S. Army National Guard, Separated; Stephen Renda, U.S. Marine Corps,
Separated; Joel Green,
U.S. Navy, Separated.  

About the Veterans Fellowship Program

The Port of Seattle is dedicated to helping military personnel transition from active duty to civilian employment. The port understands the importance of veterans serving their country and it is estimated that nearly 10% of the Port's employee base have served in or continue to serve in various forms . The Veterans Fellowship Program provides short-term (six-month) employment that will assist veterans in the following areas.
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Exposure to a civilian work environment
  • Career assistance
  • Exposure to corporate business practices
  • Mentoring
  • Resume and interview assistance​
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Previous Veteran Fellows at the Port of Seattle

Read about the experiences of previous Veteran Fellows and their time at the Port of Seattle


Valentine SmithTransitioning out of the military was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. The members of Human Resources, former Veterans Fellows and numerous other port employees from inside and outside my department went above and beyond. They helped me see how the knowledge and skills I learned in my military experience translates to success in the civilian sector. So many people gave their time to offer guidance, coaching and mentorship, helping me feel like a valuable member of the team.


Christopher ProstShortly after beginning my fellowship, I could tell that the Port of Seattle was an organization that understands the unique talents and perspective that veterans can offer. The fellowship helps with the difficult process of transitioning out of the military and provides invaluable assistance in developing personal and professional skills. It also allows a chance to showcase your strengths and make connections while contributing to the port's operations and missions. I wish all transitioning veterans could have a chance to participate in a program like this.


Jesus CarbajalThe Veterans Fellowship Program was a gainful opportunity to use the skills learned in the military and understand how they apply to the rest of the world.  Military skills can be difficult to translate and this environment supported that transition.  I received a lot of guidance from human resources, fellow veterans and other colleagues that led to my full time employment at the port.

Dusti BLOOD - U.S. Coast Guard

Dusti BloodThe Veterans Fellowship Program allowed me to network inside and outside of my department, gain essential knowledge of port business, and forge important relationships. I received genuine support from my supervisor and colleagues, which, along with the tools provided by Human Resources, allowed me to demonstrate leadership, strong work ethics and grow personally and professionally. All these factors led to working full time at the Port for a few years before I moved to another respected organization in the area. For all this, I am grateful. Thank you!

Fellowship Fact Sheet

Download the Veterans Fellowship Fact Sheet(PDF 975 KB)


The Port of Seattle actively recruits for the Veterans Fellowship Program at local colleges and military bases.

Veterans Fellow jobs are typically posted twice a year, in March/April and September/October. Click here for current opportunities.    

Amberine Wilson



hire_heroes.jpgThe Port of Seattle is a proud sponsor and supporter of Hire America's Heroes. Since its inception in 2007, the port has played an active role on the Board of Directors.

Hire America's Heroes is dedicated to sharing and promoting sponsor corporations' best practices and success strategies by which America's military service members, upon transition from active duty, are welcomed into the corporate workforce. Learn more about the Hire America's Heroes program