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​Sea-Tac Airport Media Parking

Please be aware this location has changed recently.
All media covering stories at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are welcome to park in our designated media spots, located on the Arrivals (lower) level, just north of the terminal. Click here for a detailed map. Priority is given to electronic media such as television live or remote vehicles. Media parking is NOT allowed on either of the airport drives.
To use the North End Arrivals/Lower Drive Lot:
  • All persons in the vehicle must have some form of personal media identification, preferably a Seattle Police Press ID; a media ID issued by the employer also is acceptable.
  • The vehicle must be either marked with a company logo, or have a “Working Press” placard on the dashboard that identifies the employer or agency. Vehicles parked in the lot without markings or a placard may be towed without notice and at the owner’s expense. Unmarked media vehicles without a business card or placard should park in the Airport Garage.

Please note the following:

  1. Media parking is available only for vehicles while covering stories at Sea-Tac Airport.  Media traveling on assignment should park in the Airport Garage and pay regular parking rates.
  2. Media parking availability may be limited by airport construction. During these times, media vehicles may be assigned to specific locations within the lot or asked to park in the Airport Garage.
  3. Satellite trucks may move further north n the lot to gain necessary visible signal access. Please Limit parking to the west along the wall to allow access in and out on the eastside of the lot. ​
  4. Please work together with Fellow media to ensure cordial arrangements. 
  5. Contact Airport Public Affairs for any concerns or questions. See contacts for Airport Public Affairs here​.  

Directions to Media Parking


From the Southbound Airport Expressway: Take the Arrivals (lower drive), approach the parking garage while staying in the right lane when approaching the terminal go past the overpass, the parking area is marked on the far right side of the curb. Media vehicles will need to back in to the spaces. Again, vehicles need to have media ID while in the parking space or be subject to tow.