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Accessible Parking

More than 13,000 parking stalls are available in the parking structure adjacent to the main passenger terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Hourly, daily, weekly, and extended use parking is available.

prospect-wheelchair-sm.jpgAccessible Parking

  • Hourly, daily and weekly parking. ADA designated parking spaces are available in both General Parking on the 1st and 5th floors and in Terminal Direct Parking on the 4th floor. Vehicles properly displaying valid disabled permit identification may use these spaces. Posted rates for General and Terminal Direct Parking apply.

  • Wheelchair Assistance from the airport garage and Link Light Rail airport station. Travelers with disabilities, who need assistance getting from parking or the airport Link Light Rail station to terminal, may arrange for wheelchair service directly with Prospect Airport Services, the company the Port of Seattle has contracted with for this service. To arrange for wheelchair and luggage assistance:
    1. Call Prospect Airport Services four to six hours in advance at (206) 246-1550. Their office is open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. If you have an early morning flight, please call the night before.
    2. Let the dispatcher know what time to meet you, your airline and flight number, and the number of bags you will need assistance with.
Once at the Airport for Garage Parkers:
  1. You must make reservations through Prospect Airport Services prior to your arrival at the airport.
  2. Park in the ADA designated spaces on either the fourth or fifth floor of the airport parking garage. 
  3. Prospect Airport Services staff will meet you at one of the color-coded elevator lobbies in the parking garage. It's a good idea to call Prospect Airport Services from your cell phone (206) 246-1550 once you're in the garage. You must make reservations with Prospect Airport Services prior to your arrival at the airport.
Once at the Airport Station for Train Travelers: 
  1. Go to the mezzanine level leading toward the bridge to the airport. Prospect Airport Services staff will meet you in the lobby of the Link Light Rail Station. 
  2. It is a good idea to call Prospect Airport Services at (206) 246-1550 from your cell phone once you are in the station.
This service is provided at no charge, but gratuities are greatly appreciated. If you need assistance getting from the airline ticket counter through security and to your gate, arrange that directly with your airline.
  • Parking for over-height, handicapped-permitted vehicles. A wheelchair-accessible path through the the first floor of the garage to the Main Terminal (via elevator) is available from the Sea-Tac Over-height Vehicle Parking area.The best option is to drop off passengers near the elevator and park afterward.

Over-height Vehicle Parking

The height limit for vehicles entering the airport garage is 6’10.” Vehicles above that limit must park in over-height vehicle parking. You can access this parking area via Highway 99 / International Blvd. from the north or south. To access the parking area from SR 518, follow the signs marked "Overheight Parking" from the left exit off the Airport Expressway. The route is well marked and will take you to Highway 99 / International Blvd and the South 182nd St. airport entrance.
  • Enter the airport from South 182nd St. off of Highway 99 / International Blvd. and make your way into the left lane.
  • Stay in the left lane and curve to the left, then follow the signs to over-height parking (which at this point should be in front of you and to the right).
  • After the gate opens, drive in and park in any of the 60-plus stalls in the outdoor area. It is within walking distance to the terminal.
  • General parking rates apply.

Drop-off / Pick-up on Airport Drives

The airport drives are for passenger drop-off and pick-up only. Parking on the drives is not allowed.  If you need to go inside the airport, even for a short time, use Terminal Direct or General Parking.  If you leave your car on either the upper (ticketing level) or lower (baggage claim level) drive, your vehicle will be towed.