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​Art in the South Satellite

NewVolute1_72.jpg Lyons_7.JPG
 New Volute, Aquavein. Cast resin, 
 cast concrete, stainless Steel
 Robert Lyons, 2 of 8 
 chromogenic prints. Photography.


Artist​ ​Title ​Description ​Location
​Alden Mason Noah on a 40 year Cruise ​Acrylic painting on canvas ​South Satellite
​New Volute Aquavein ​Cast resin, cast concrete, stainless steel ​South Satelittle
Robert Lyons​ Eight Chromogenic Prints ​Photography ​South Satelittle
​Richard Lalonde Into the Mythos ​Fused glass ​South Satellite
​Kay Kirkpatric ​Inbound ​Mixed-media wall relief ​South Satellite