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Accessibility Services

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs

The airport is fully equipped with special access facilities to provide all travelers -- as well as meeters, greeters and airport employees -- with a safe, convenient means of getting around. Review CFR Part 21

In the Airport ​

Some airlines do offer curbside check-in during peak periods. Travelers should check directly with their carrier about check-in services. There is no parking or waiting allowed on the airport drives. Vehicles left unattended, even if the driver is nearby, will be ticketed and towed. A good alternative to loading and unloading on the drives is to use the Airport Garage.
All elevators in the Main Terminal, Satellites and Parking Garage have Braille and raised numerals inside. Additionally, all elevators have lowered control panels, floor-passing gongs, raised call buttons, Braille on the doorjambs and directional arrows in the elevator lobbies.

Heightened Security

Security procedures at airports affect everyone. Travelers with special needs - whether it's a child traveling alone or a traveler with a disability - should do some advance planning and strategizing.
  • Parking for travelers with disabilities
    • ​is available on either the fourth floor (Terminal Direct Parking) or fifth floor (General Parking) of the airport parking garage 
  • Lines at security checkpoints can be very long.
    • Travelers who have problems standing for long periods may want to arrange for wheelchair service via their airlines.Rental wheelchairs and baby strollers also are available in the airport from Ken's Baggage and Frozen Food Storage. Ken's is located on the Baggage Claim level under the escalator bank between carousels 12 and 13. Call them at (206) 433-5333 for more information.
  • Only ticketed passengers are allowed past security checkpoints.
    • However, many airlines are issuing special "companion passes" to non-travelers assisting travelers with disabilities or children traveling alone that allow them to accompany passengers with special needs to the gates. Travelers should check directly with the airlines they are traveling on to see what options are available.
  • Extra time at the airport is a must.
    • Travelers should take into account the additional time needed to get from the relocated parking areas for travelers with disabilities as well as the longer waits at both ticket counters and security check points.
  • If you have any medical devices
    • Such as syringes or special apparatus that might be questioned at the security checkpoint, you should check with your airline in advance of the flight to confirm requirements. Under FAA regulations, diabetics who need to fly with syringes or insulin delivery systems should carry a vial of insulin with a professional, pharmaceutical preprinted label which clearly identifies the medication. Because of the possibility of forgery, prescriptions and letters of medical necessity will not be accepted.
​To accommodate wheelchair users, most restrooms have larger stalls, grab bars and lower accessories, such as sinks, paper towel dispensers and mirrors.

Large, private restrooms are available to any adults who require assistance as well as parents traveling with small children. You'll find these restrooms on both the Ticketing and Baggage Claim levels of the Main Terminal as well as on concourses A, B, C, and D, and in the North and South Satellite.

Drinking fountains have been lowered.
Outside Areas: There are two areas outside the Main Terminal that are equipped to serve as "pet potties" for traveling animals. The two areas are located outside of Baggage Claim on both​ the north end. The north area is outside of door #26, just past Carousel 16. It is a small sandy area to the left under the stairs with plastic bags and a trash can.
Inside Areas: There are currently three pet relief locations in the Main Terminal, behind security, for assistance dogs who are traveling with their owners. It is located in Concourse B and both of North and South Satellites at the STS level. ​For more information on traveling with pets click here​.
​Accessible phones are located in the Main Terminal, on every concourse and in both satellites.
There are TDD phones for the hearing impaired throughout the airport.


​Airport Area ​Specific Location
Ticketing Level, Main Terminal ​In front of United ticket counter (one TDD phone in four-phone bank)
South Esplanade (one TDD phone is sit-down phone bank)
Baggage Claim, Main Terminal ​Under escalator at carousels 6 and 7 (one TDD phone in two-phone bank)
Concourse B ​Gate B3 (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)
Gate B11 (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)
Concourse C ​Gate C14 (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)
Concourse D ​Gate D1 (wall phone)
Gate D8 (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)
North Satellite ​Gates N8 (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)
Gates 2/3 (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)
Parking Garage ​Third floor (one TDD phone in six-phone bank)

Wheelchair services:

To your ticket counter from Link Light Rail, Rental Car Drop off or Parking Garage: Travelers must contact Prospect Airport Services at (206) 246-1550 to make a reservation prior to your arrival at the airport.

From your ticket counter to your departure gate: Travelers must contact their airline directly to make a reservation prior to your arrival at the airport.

From your Arrival gate to Baggage Claim: Travelers must contact their airline directly to make a reservation prior to your arrival at the airport.

Wheelchair rental:

Smarte Carte on the Baggage Claim level  offers wheelchair rentals. Learn more at their website


Loading areas are marked with blue signs and located along the drives. The signs indicate the locations of curb cuts.

Accessible Airport Parking 
  • Daily and Hourly Parking. ADA designated parking spaces are available in both General Parking on the fifth floor and in Terminal Direct Parking on the fourth floor. Vehicles properly displaying valid disabled permit identification may use these spaces. Posted rates for General and Terminal Direct Parking apply.
  • Wheelchair Assistance from the Airport Garage and Link Light Rail Airport Station. Travelers with disabilities, who need assistance getting from parking or from the parking garage and the Airport Link Light Rail Station to terminal, may arrange for wheelchair service directly with Prospect Airport Services, the company the Port of Seattle has contracted with for this service. To arrange for wheelchair and luggage assistance:
    1. Call Prospect Airport Services four to six hours in advance at either (206) 246-1550. Their office is open daily from 4:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you have an early morning flight, please call the night before.
    2. Let the dispatcher know what time to meet you, your airline and flight number, and the number of bags to be handled.
Once at the Airport Station for Train Travelers
  1. Go to the mezzanine level of the train station and walk toward the bridge to the airport. Prospect Airport Services staff will meet you there.
  2. Once you're in the station, call Prospect Airport Services at (206) 246-1550 using a cell phone.

This service is provided at no charge, but gratuities are greatly appreciated. If you need assistance getting from the airline ticket counter through security and to your gate, you should arrange that directly with your airline.

This service must be arranged in advance with PROSPECT AIRPORT SERVICES

Parking for Over-height Handicapped-permitted Vehicles
A wheelchair-accessible path through the first floor of the garage to the Main Terminal (via elevator) is available from the Sea-Tac Over-height Vehicle Parking area.

To access this parking area, use Highway 99 / International Boulevard from the north or south.
  1. Enter the airport from South 182nd St. off of Highway 99 / International Boulevard and make your way into the left lane (following daily parking signs).
  2. Stay in the left lane and curve to the left, then follow the signs to over-height parking (which at this point should be in front of you and to the right).
  3. At the entry plaza, use the open lane on the far right and take a ticket from the machine.
  4. After the gate opens, drive in and park in any of the 60-plus stalls in the outdoor area.
  5. Take your ticket with you, because you will pay for parking at one of the exit, press machines located on the 4th floor of the garage before returning to your vehicle.
  6. Daily parking rates apply.
  7. Take your paid ticket back to your car and use it to exit.
Public Transit
Many of the scheduled public transit buses on airport routes are lift-equipped. Contact Metro at, Sound Transit at or the Ground Transportation Booth for further information. The airport is also served by Link Light Rail. Wheelchair assistance from the Link Light Rail Station is provided Prospect Airport Services, and must be arranged in advance. Call (206) 246-1550 to make a reservation. E Cab also provides accessible taxis. Please visit ground transportation for pick up.
Rental Cars
Rental car companies rent vehicles equipped with hand controls at no additional charge. To ensure availability of these cars, be sure to make advance reservations.
Airporter/Hotel Shuttles
Contact your ground transportation provider directly for information on available lift-equipped van service. Many hotels also have courtesy van shuttles that can pick up on the baggage claim level (lower drive) for disabled individuals; for more information, contact your hotel.
Traveler Assistance
Pathfinders and volunteers are available to help passengers throughout the terminal. They walk throughout the airport and can help you find terminals, shops, restrooms and services. Pathfinders are dressed in teal jackets, and volunteers are dressed in royal blue jackets.